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    Premiere - After Effects dinamic link problem

    Turgut Unal Level 1

      Case is that:

      1.I have 4 dl ae projects in my time line.

      2.Each of them is given different names "1-2-3-4"

      3.After I have finished my fifth dl ae prjt  some parts of "2-3" were offline.

         such as 1minutes becomes 40 seconds

      4.I opened the ae projects and I saw they were also shortened. Disapperad part's footage was gone.And timeline was as long as it was in premiere


      What is this ?


      Thx Lord  I solved the problems. I opened the autosaved projects and copied and pasted the footage.

      And I had already randered dl ae projects and put them in the first layer. Because I know PPr would do it.


      But  what is this shortining? İf Ihadn't been proactive, some parts of my work would have gone.


      Thx My Mercifull for this proactive thinking. I should give some foods to hungary cats