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    Playing Videos - Shockwave and Flash issues


      I'm at wits end. I've been troubleshooting for about 4 days to get the Adobe TV instructional videos and the Layersmagazine.com videos to play.


      Windows 7, 64-bit & 32-bit.

      Browsers: IE 9 32-bit, IE 9 64-bit, Firefox 9

      Java ver 6, update 30

      Adobe Flash

      Adove Shockwave (see below)


      I have followed Adobe's & Microsoft's troublshooting guides for resolving Flash issues, and have read multiple forums suggestions:

      • updated via IE 64-bit for my system
      • installed as Administrator
      • uninstalled, and reinstalled...
      • turned off virus-checker while installing
      • checked Active X status (enabled)
      • checked the Internet Options security Active X scripts
      • checked the IE9 compatibility view
      • checked the Firefox plugins


      The Adobe Flash site checker shows that my Flash is working, however, (most) videos I mentioned still do not run in any of my browsers - it just sits there and spins without starting.


      Now I'm thinking, Maybe it's a Shockwave issue. I encountered several issues in the Adobe Shockwave section:


      1. I browsed Adobe's 'Help/Search' page & searched on "Shockwave". I clicked on the 'Get Support' link, then 'Troubleshoot SWP for Windows'. Somewhere in there Shockwave downloaded itself. I didn't click on Download.


      2. Adobe said after downloading (via IE 32-bit) it should be in "C:\Windows\system32\Adobe\Shockwave 11" - but it wasn't located there. I finally found it in "C:\Windows\sysWOW64\Adobe\Shockwave 11"

      http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/884/cpsid_88402.html. So the 32-bit program, accessed from IE 32-bit, loaded itself in my 64-bit system folder - that seems like a problem to me.


      3. When I actually clicked on the 'Download Shockwave' ( button from this page http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/  nothing happened (several times).


      I suppose the graphics card (ATI Radeon 5800 series) could be it, but I really doubt it, my system is brand new.


      Help please. THANKS!