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    Ist PSE 7 download not supported anymore?


      Hello to all forum members.


      I use PSE 7 and PE 7 for 3 Years under Windows Vista.

      I got a new PC running on Win7 and I would like to transfer both applications.


      The plan was to download the applications as a test version, deactivate the versions on my old PC and re-activate them on my new one.


      But for downloads of test version I'm always referred to Version 10.

      I really would like to stick to Version 7. I'm used to it and it fits my porposes just fine.


      Has anyone any idea, where I could download the Installation files?

      I didn't them store 3 years ago, I assumed for that purchas price,the will be stored for members @ the adobe server for longer than 3 years ...


      If anyone can give me advice, it will be most appreciated.


      I'm writing to the forum, because in my attempt to contact the adobe service via e-mail I got utterly lost.

      I have the impression, that's discouraged by adobe if not downright impossible.