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    What version of ExtJS / sencha

    AndrewDuvall Community Member

      Since coldfusion has baked in ExtJS, I've built my site(s) dependant upon certain cftags and grids that lock me into version ExtJS 3, but I later needed functionality from ExtJS 4, which adobe never provided an update patch to keep their baked in javascript libraries current with major version releases.  I hope moving forward that Adobe will provide updates more regularly. 


      Does anyone know what version of ExtJS is shipped with the CF10 beta?

      What version will be shipped with Final Realease?

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          mcollins323 Community Member



          Looks to be the same 3.1.

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            WestSide Community Member

            I'd like to see CF 10 integrated with jQuery to be honest, that's just me.  Nothing against the ExtJs lovers, but I think native integration with jQuery would be great!

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              ascott67 Community Member

              The problem with integrating jQuery is that the UI is too far behind extJS, and would require more work to get it upto speed functionality wise. People dont seem to understand that, and is why extJS has got to be the best UI JS framework for building JS Applications with.

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                CF10 will ship with extjs 3.x and while it is currently 3.1.x it wil most likely be the latest version of 3.4.x (as per a ticket I raised that is being looked at). As ExtJS 4.1.x is absolutely mindblowingly awesome, it would be a natural progression to eventually move to that version, but it won't happen for CF10. (sadly) - hopefully ExtJS and Sencha Touch (and a SASS or LESS compiler) both make it into CF11, making it a killer product!


                ExtJS 4.0 is a million times better than jQuery for this purpose, especially with one development team building all of the components, where jQuery extensions tend to be put out by developers with random dev cylces and less predictable, so hopefully the transition will occur in the next version.

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                  hemant_k Adobe Employee

                  The version to ship with CF10 will be Ext JS 3.1. There are several impactful/incompatible changes that can potentially break existing applications and hence we need more time to move to ExtJS4.

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                    Very disapointed to hear that CF10 isn't going to ship with at least ExtJs 3.4, 3.1 does not support IE9 and rather miserably and catastrophically falls back to IE6 mode for IE versions later than 8. Good luck.

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                      ascott67 Community Member

                      How do you mean that 3.1 does not support IE9, I have been using 3.1 in IE9 without the problem that you are descrbing. So if you don't  mind what or how do you think it is falling back to IE6?

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                        :-:Steve:-: Community Member

                        'Miserable and catastrophic' may have been a bit strong, the problems can be worked around.

                        I am a disapointed that we're not going to see the 3.4 version of the library with CF10.


                        look in /CFIDE/scripts/ajax/ext/adapter/yui/ext-yui-adapter-debug.js line 62:


                                isIE = !isOpera && check(/msie/),

                                isIE7 = isIE && check(/msie 7/),

                                isIE8 = isIE && check(/msie 8/),

                                isIE6 = isIE && !isIE7 && !isIE8,


                        Ext makes the assumption that if it's not IE7 and its not IE8 it must be IE6.

                        This is a bad assumption to make, it wouldn't take much consideration to detect IE6 using the same pattern as IE7 & IE8.

                        If no known / supported version is detected you just don't mark any as true, or you mark the closest version (IE8) as true.


                        The IE6 assumption causes an 'ext-ie6' css tag to be written to the body element which invokes IE6 based CSS adjustments, which are often erroneous.

                        If no IE version assumption were made and no adjustments applied IE9 would render correctly.


                        Depending on what you're trying to do you might never notice, if you're not doing much custom UI work using the Ext library and only using Cf tags the impact is less pronounced.


                        I noticed today, ext menu icons have the IE6 offset of -24px resulting in hidden icons.