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    Clip Pixel Type

    Annabella Uio



      Is there a way to get Premiere to display the pixel type for a clip?  RGB or YUV, 8u or 32f?



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          Rallymax-forum Level 3

          Can you elaborate?

          In a filter, an importer, an exporter?

          Do you want to know what's possible to be fetched or what the native pixel format is of the clip?

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            Annabella Uio Level 1

            When using Premiere, I would like it to display the pixel format for a clip.  I recall once seeing a way to display debug info including the pixel type overlayed on the image, but I can't remember how to get Premiere into that mode.  If you know how to programmatically query the native pixel format for a clip, that would be useful as well

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              Rallymax-forum Level 3

              you need to make a filter and use the Clip Render Suite..

              It's then up to you to render some text burn-in on the screen ( or make a standalone window that dynamically updates a textbox printout etc).



              Look in PrSDKClipRenderSuite.h



              ** Given a specific clip, find out the number of pixel formats natively supported

              ** by this clip.


              ** @param inClipID       The ClipID of the clip.

              ** @param outNumPixelFormats     The number of pixel formats.


              prSuiteError (*GetNumPixelFormats)(

                PrClipID    inClipID,

                csSDK_int32*   outNumPixelFormats);



              ** Given a specific clip get a native pixel format. The pixel formats will be returned

              ** in index order based on preference. The maximum index can be determined by using

              ** GetNumPixelFormats().


              ** @param inClipID       The ClipID of the clip.

              ** @param inIndex        The pixel format index.

              ** @param outPixelFormat      The pixel format.


              prSuiteError (*GetPixelFormat)(

                PrClipID    inClipID,

                csSDK_int32    inIndex,

                PrPixelFormat*   outPixelFormat);

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                Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                Annabella, it sounds like you're referring to the "Dog Ears" overlay mode.  In the SDK Guide pdf, check out chapter 1 > "Debugging Plug-ins" > "Dog Ears".  Or you can just search on "Dog Ears" in the SDK pdf.


                The pixel format reported here isn't necessarily one of the formats natively supported by the clip, since there can be multiple source clips per frame.  Instead, it shows the pixel format used for the render of all the clips / effects / transitions for that particular frame.