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    Phase One IIQ files - color profile in Lightroom isn't accurate.


      I know the the pool of digital medium format shooters is relatively small, but I would be incredibly grateful if Lightroom were better equipped to render accurate color from my Phase One's IIQ files.  It's a good start that Lightroom will even import files from my P25+ digital back, but the built in digital camera profile (or whatever interprets the colors) is way way off compared to the default setting in Capture One, making it pointless to use LR over Capture One.


      Below is the same file in Capture One and Lightroom with the adjustments reset to default on both programs.  LR designers - what can I do to help?  I can send you a raw file.  I will even drive down to San Jose if you want to profile my digital back.  As a frustrated Capture One user it would be really nice to have an alternative option for my medium format digital back.


      Capture One...


      Lightroom 4 (looks the same in LR3)....