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    Surely there is a way to warp letters like this...


      Giving me a headache: Trying to warp letters beyond automatic text-on-curve in a way that does not involve A LOT OF MANUAL TWEAKING. After establishing a text-on-curve sentence, it is obvious that wide-based letters like E or M sit flat on the curve, exposing gaps near the curve. Additionally, the verticals on all letters rise up and away from the curve in such a way that leaves large, wedge-shaped gaps between letters. Isn't there a simple solution that forces such letters to be individually curved into arcs, wider at the outside (i.,e., the way stones are cut to fill a curved archway?) So each letter would be curved on top and bottom like the second M in my JPG image here, in addition to being somewhat wedge-shaped so that the L and R sides are perpendicular to the curve at their respective locations. In fact, if you were to draw lines that extended down from the sides of the curved M in my image, those two lines would intersect at the curve's center point. Yes, this would be different from typing a whole sentence of otherwise normal-looking letters onto a curvy line. Yes, this would mess up the appearance of whatever font is in use, but that's what I'm going for. Ideally, this would be a "live effect" technique that still allows text editing. Am I in fantasy land or does a technique for this actually exist?