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    Lightroom error after picture recovery


      Hallo All,


      Since 3years my partner is using Lightroom.


      Last year he had done a format C, but because he had recently changed the names of his multiple hard disks, he formatted the wrong one.


      He had erased all of our pictures by mistake...


      We were able to recover some of them but their are some problems, we can see the pictures in lightroom but then we see some warnings and cant change/access the pictures.


      Some pictures have a question mark next to them (warning is: picture missing) and some have an exclamation point behind it (warning is: some problems have occur in lightroom while reading this picture).


      I am not at all a lightroom user and even less a computer expert, but since all of my daughters pictures (since she is born) were lost, i hope to be able te retrieve some of them...



      1.png2.pngYou can find a print screen of the errors i see... Since we can still see the pictures in lightroom I have some hope that not every picture is lost...