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    Call customize functions using F_ApiCallClient (FDK 10) without opening FM10.


      Hi Team,


      We have installed the FM 10 Server, FDK 10 & VS2010. This is windows 7 64 bit machine.


           We have functionality which create the menu in FM10 server. We have implemented this functionality using C++. It's a DLL and added in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\AdobeFrameMakerServer10\AdobeFrameMaker10\fminit\MyDll.dll. When we open the FM 10 client then it load our customized menu in FM 10 Client. We have customized functionlity on menu items click which calls above validate DLL to process on FM files.

      Now, we have another C++ DLL which is getting called from application. This DLL opens FM application and calls MyDll DLL invoks same functionality which can be done from FM application. As we have to call MyDLL functionality from new C++ DLL we first open FM 10 application and then calling MyDLL functionality using FDK 10 APIs.


      We are using sequect of FAPI function call to perform this operation


      Please refer to following sequence of function calls

      1 . F_ApiAllocatePropVals

      2 . F_ApiWinConnectSession (This will open FM application)

      3 . F_ApiCallClient API (call the function from MyDll)

      Now here, first it open the FM 10 application and then calls MyDLL functionlity. So if multiple users open different application instances which internalli opens up FM apllication results in multiple FM10 Instances which we would like to avoid.


      Is it possible in using any FDK function we can call our DLL in FM application without opening the FM 10 client?


      Any Inputs or pointer will be helpful.