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    Cannot find or create the font ...


      I am having some problems with a computer running Adobe Acrobat X Std, 10.1.2. The computer is running Windows 7 64-bit.


      When opening PDF files on the web, the computer gives the error "Cannot find or create the font 'ArielMT'. Some characters may not display or print correctly". I also occasionally get the error with TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT as well. I also the a popup saying 'A Drawing Error Occurred'. I have verified that the font in question is installed on the PC. I have also verified that the font is also embedded in the PDF. The error does not occur on other systems with the same OS version and Acrobat version, so I know it is not the PDF I am viewing. I have tried repairing the acrobat install, and unchecking the "Use Local Fonts" option, but neither of these things gets rid of the error.


      The computer was upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 and Acrobat X was installed around the same time, and the issue has been happenning since.


      Any suggestions are appreciated!