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    Local Files Folder Always Empty in Dreamweaver 5.5 (on PC)


      While working on a website this past weekend, the site - which had a half dozen pages, a dozen Word & PDF documents, two dozen images, CSS files, templates, SpryAssets, etc., opened with two pdf's and the index page.  I tried re-inserting the other pages, images, templates, etc., clicked on "save all", closed the website, and when I opened it again, only the index page and the two pdf's were there.  I tried re-creating a .ste file per the help menu instructions, placing the .ste in the site's root folder, copying the missing files, css, images, templates, etc. from the Bridge, and saving everything in my open project, with the same result - only the index page & two pdf's were in the local files folder.  I tried rebuilding Dreamweaver preferences to fix the problem without success, and finally uninstalled & reinstalled/updated Dreamweaver 5.5.  I also installed tutorial files with a finished site from Class On Demand on my PC, used Manage Sites to create a "new site" for a couple of the tutorial sites, and the ONLY thing that showed up in Local Files was an empty folder!  The tutorial sites have pages, images, templates, etc.


      I am working on a Dell 470 Workstation in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with 4 gigs RAM and a nVidia Quadro 1800 video card.  I would GREATLY appreciate any info on what I am doing wrong and why Dreamweaver 5.5 does not know where a website's files are.


      Thank you,


      Bill K