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    Elements 10 doesn't give the option to store incoming pictures in a date sequence (yyyy mm dd)

    PaulRichardKingston Level 1

      I am a long-time Elements user (most versions since it first came out) and I have 10s of thousands of photos, mostly stored by downloading from my various cameras through Elements.


      Now I have "upgraded" to Elements 10, and discover that it won't allow me to continue with the sequence of folder names that were generated  by previous versions.


      I have always uploaded my photos into subfolders generated by Elements with names of the format yyyy mm dd. This has the great convenience that these folders sort in date order. I have them going back to 2002 01 24.


      Now I have Elements 10, and when I downloaded some new photos it defaulted to subfolder names which don't store in sequence- (yyyy dd mm). So I went to options / camera or card reader to correct this silly default. I looked in the drop-down list and there are a whole lot of what seem to me silly choices, (why would anyone want a folder name that doesn't store in date order?) but not the one I want.


      This is quite a serious problem. Suppose I go away for two days, and shoot pictures on .30 Nov 2011 and on 1 Dec 2011 (OK US friends, Nov 30 2011 and Dec 1 2011). Elements 10 will store the first lot as one of the last folders in 2022 (along with shots made on 31 Jan 2011, 31 Mar 2011, etc). My second day's shooting will be stored near the start of the year, along with shots made on the first day of other months.


      This is mad!!!!- an absurd bug. But so far it doesn't seem to have been fixed.


      Can anyone tell me a way round? Or that there is a fix for this bug that I haven't found? Or that it doesn't happen on anyone else's machine (in which case, why didn't it happen on my machine with Elements 9?)


      It's going to be extremely tedious to have to hand-amend all future folder names so that they sort in sequence (and are consistent with my hundreds of existing folders). I can't believe that Adobe would have done this deliberately, so I'm mystified. Help!


      My copy of Elements 10 was bought from Amazon UK- must be a standard UK issue. My PC runs under Windows 7.