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    Why Kill of Flash Catalyst, especially when it works well?

    Yozef0 Level 1

      Flash Catalyst

      I skin components via an Illustrator files (also psds) received by designers. The joy of skinning and making sure the components are rasterized for performance, and having a stage to edit components and reskin them is wonderful! I adore Flash Catalyst.


      Apache Flex

      Now with the Flex going to Apache, the white paper states that Flash Catalyst will actually be "Removed" from future Flex releases - This baffles me!


      I quote the White Paper:

      Flash Catalyst CS5.5 is the last release of Flash Catalyst. At this time, it will not be updated to work with Flex SDK 4.6 (even though it does?!) or any Apache Flex releases nor will it be included in future versions of the Adobe Creative Suite software offerings.


      Flash Catalyst workflows will be removed in updated 4.x versions of Flash Builder. - That is a Crime!

      I would like to ask, if it is possible to stick with Flash Builder 4.6 (which works with Flash Catalyst 5.5), and continue to develop with these two tools, and no matter what Flash Player (even future ones) users have - would still render?


      The idea of killing off something that works so well (if you know how/when to use it), and so enjoyable to work in, angers me!!

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Just like having your favorite TV show cancelled, features and products get cancelled because there isn’t evidence of enough usage to pay for the cost of development.


          You can use Flex 4.x for the forseeable future.  There is no official support for combining FB4.6 and FC5.5, but if it works for you now, it should keep working forever.  Just be careful about offers to automatically upgrade the products, and back up your installers just in case.

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            Christian3D Level 1

            Adobe seems to be making all kinds of stupid decsisions these last couple of years. My personal opinion, the idea of Flash catalyst was better than the actual app. I found the app to be clunky, incomplete, unusally difficult and had a completely opposite workflow compared to applications like Fireworks. I also thought that Adobe really missed the ball on know who their customer actually was and what software they were using prior to Flash Catalyst (Fireworks and Flex). All old news at this point.


            Even though it is not the same, here is one alternative you can use for simple prototypes - http://uiblueprints.com/demo/index.html

            It lacks skinning capabilities but it actually has a much bigger component library than Flash Catalyst had.

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              You can find the answer. Just modify some config file.




              In Applications/Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.flex_1.5.0.308731/config.xml add in a reference to 4.6. You’ll need to copy 4.6 into the sdk directory. When you publish it will publish with the 4.6 SDK. Still haven’t figured out how to add new components to the components panel or change the theme (mobile) (or add new Interactions…) You can export this project and import it into FB. Going the opposite way is a bit more trouble. You’ll get an error about the supported SDK’s. You may need to update the hidden project files to “4.5″ instead of “4.6″ which may allow you to import it again… There’s more you can update… search for plugin.xml in the plugins directory.