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    Android package contents in Flash Builder 4.5 : file list doesn't update


      I keep hitting what looks like a bug in Flash Builder 4.5, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it or can help me find a workaround.


      The problem occurs when I choose Export Release Build... and try to build an APK for Android. In the second screen of the wizard, under the Package Contents tab, there's a file list and you're supposed to select the files you want in the package. Simple enough. The problem is that this file list does not consistently reflect updates to the project file structure. So I usually see an outdated file list, which might or might not have all the files I actually need to put into the package.


      There doesn't seem to be a way to force the wizard to rescan the project and rebuild this list. I've tried restarting Flash Builder, deleting bin-release-temp, cleaning all projects, and a few other things besides. So far nothing works. (The Flash view always picks up my changes within a few seconds.)


      It seems like my only option is to use the command-line compiler. Not the end of the world, but I'd rather that the wizard just do what it's supposed to do.


      Anyone have any ideas?