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    Scrubbing Issues in CS5.5 but not in CS5


      I've been searching the forums and although I've found similar posts, nothing quite the same as my issue, so here it goes:


      When scrubbing through some AVCHD footage (mts files from Lumix GH2) in Premiere CS 5.5, the lagging is just unworkable. The same footage on the same machine in CS5.03 gives no problems at all, it scrubs just fine. Everything is exactly the same between the projects (see spec below), media on same drives, ... Is CS5.5 just really a lot slower doing this. I noticed the loading of projects is a lot faster now, does that mean certain 'temp files' are now created on the spot and that slows it down?

      I've tried bringing playback/paused resolution down, made the monitor smaller,... some of it makes a bit of a difference, but never enough to make a real difference. Please help.



      Windows 7 64bit

      AMD Phenom II 6 cores 3.2Ghz

      8GB ram

      Raid 0 array (7200 rpm drives)

      Nvida GT440 (enabled for cuda via 'hack')

      All drives defragmented.


      Everything is smooth in scubbing in CS5 but not in CS5.5, regular playback is fine in both cases.


      Thanks for any suggestions,