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    "movie not loaded" problem Flash (IE9 32&64 & Chrome) on all websites


      I have not been able to get the Flash Player working under Windows7/64 on my desktop on any website including Adobe's.  I get a blank window, and when I R-click get the greyed msg "movie not loaded" and the ver number of Flash.   I have uninstalled it using 'uninstall_flash_player_64bit.exe' and cleaned the registry and installed it, over and over, cleared all browser history, cookies and cache.  Reinstalled browsers.  The only way I can sometimes get it to work is to change the URL to httpS instead of http.  This works on youtube and on adobe site, but not very many other sites as they wont reply to https.  Tried a older ver 10 of Flash, no difference.  I do not have this problem on my Windows7/64 laptop running through same network connection here at home.  Any ideas would be much appreciated!  I have been fighting this problem for many weeks....