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    Problems printing PSD from Photoshop CS4

    Dr Craig

      My questions are: Does the PSD file have the printer information encoded?

      Also why has this just started to show up? My wife has work successfully under the same conditions, files moved and printed on different printers, with no problems in the past.


      I (we) have been struggling with a recent problem trying to print PSD files from Photoshop CS4. (Vista 32 bit, Epson 3880 networked)  When trying to print certain, but not all, PSD files I get the message: "Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer."  I have been in contact with Adobe support about the issue but with little in the way of positive results.  I was referred to a kb link: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/409/kb409119.html   Tried all that to no avail.  (The first suggestion is absurd to the point of making me wonder what process is used to construct the kbs.  You cannot open the print menu when you get this message so....?)


      Other solutions are not acceptable for the work my wife is doing, editing high quality photographs for an exhibition with test prints and so on.  We are under intense time pressue with four shows coming up in a very short time.  The final solution offered is that CS5 has solved all of this.  Hum?  interesting.  No comment except new program, new problems so not a real solution for us.


      In searching the web about this problem I have come across many other people with the same problem working from different platforms and even different Adobe products.  I noticed that the MAC OS seemed to cause the same problem and that there was a problem with Reader and Acrobat.  In every case the problem is never solved by Adobe or anyone else and users find some "workaround".  I too have found what we hope is a workaround in our contiued travels on the blogosphere, on flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/wellington/discuss/72157621548183001/ as "...a nasty, nasty solution" but we skipped the flatten part and the GIMP part and resave the PSD under a different name.


      Adobe does seem supportive but not that interested (CS4 right) but I would like to find a real solution and I think many people would benefit from it.


      Anyway what I have found is that the PSD files that will not print have been printed on another printer at some time in the past. In my case the Printer was an Epson Artisan A50.  The printer we are using now is the Epson Stylus Pro 3880.  Even when trying to print wirelessly to the 3880 from the laptop (Was Vista, now Windows 7) that was used to edit and print with the A50, (USB connection) we saw the same error.  So it seems that the printer information is somehow embedded in the PSD file (also mentioned in a Blog) and is keeping PS from seeing the printer because the same printer is not there.


      Has anybody already found the fix?


      I know this is a long post but I have been working on this problem and have heard all of the pat and frankly useless answers and workarounds.  Can we find a solution and fix the problem?

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          rmgman Level 3

          Dr. C:


          Welcome to the Adobe Forums.


          Since you are new, I must point out that you have posted a "Photoshop" question in an "Acrobat" Forum. You might get a better response if you had posted your question/rant over in one of the Photoshop forums.


          In my experience (many years in Prepress) I have always avoided printing directly from Photoshop. You're best best is to place the image in a layout program such as inDesign or Illustrator. Here you will be able to "Flatten" the file if need be before printing.


          You do not mention how simple or complex your psd files are. What size? How many layers? Extra channels? Special Effects? You'll always have a problem if your files have multiple layers and effects and then try to jam it down the throat to a printer.

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            Dr Craig Level 1



            Sorry for posting in the wrong place and thanks for the tips.  I will try to move it to the right place if I can figure that part out : ^ ).


            The PSDs are multilayered and large, from 60 to 100 MB, but not much else.  They start as Canon Raw images, about 25 MB.  Much of the printing is done to check actual print colors, not monitor colors, while editing so the user (my wife) does not consider flattening an option.  Up until recently the printing has not been a problem but something changed and I am trying to get back to the good old days.  I have seen this problem mentioned in blogs related to Acrobat as well.  Have you experienced this problem?

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              rmgman Level 3

              Dr. C:


              Ah... now we're getting somewhere.


              I understand your wife's reluctantance to "flatten" her images, but believe me: you'll have less problems "proofing" your files if she flattens them and saves them as a copy and then prints that file. All those extra layers will choke your printer at home, which isn't built to handle files like that.


              Programs like inDesign has the ability to "flatten" an image when sending the file to the printer, but again this chews up processing time. Within Illustrtaor, you can also "flatten" an image before printing. But, like inDesign, this will take some number cruching. The best best is to flatten the image directly in Photoshop first, which handles raster data easier.


              I was looking at your printer's specs here:

              http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/jsp/Pro/SeriesStylusPro3880/Overview.do?BV_UseBVCookie= yes


              And saw:

              Optional PANTONE licensed and SWOP certified Adobe PostScript RIP by EFI® (EFI eXpress included only with Designer Edition bundle)


              Not sure if you have the Designer Edition bundle, but I suspect that you don't. Under features and benefits it states:


              EFI® eXpress for Epson included with Designer Edition Bundles

              • Print directly from the latest creative design software, or drag-and-drop files to a hot folder.

              • True Adobe® PDF and Postscript 3 print engine ensures compatibility with your design files.

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                Dr Craig Level 1



                I’m glad I posted to the wrong forum.


                I just spoke with my wife and she tells me the speed is fine with PSD files of the same size that will print.  The issue is only with the files that had been previously printed to another Epson printer, an Artisan A50.  Somehow Photoshop is not seeing the 3880 (not Designer Edition Package) on those files only.


                So just to clarify, do you think that this software bundle would solve the printing problem, as in Photoshop would “see the printer” from the old PSD files?


                Again, thanks a bunch.

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                  rmgman Level 3

                  I'm not familiar with either of those printers except for what I saw online. It does seem like the EFI eXpress may help your situation, but it's odd that (if I understand you correctly) only the old files printed to your Artisan A50 are having the problem. Could you test what happens if you save these files A) as a .tif (Which can retain your layers) or B) as I suggested previously: pre-flattened.


                  Can you also check your Photoshop preferences under General. Do you have "History Log" checked on? This seems to be the only way where the psd files might be holding onto your print info.


                  Gotta run, but I will check in tomorrow.

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                    Dr Craig Level 1

                    History log was not checked.  My wife doesn’t want to try the other suggestions (not sure why).  The resave solutions seems to work so far but I am still looking for a solution that will stick.  Thanks for your help.

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                      narikin Level 1

                      did you ever find anything that works?


                      This problem has been going on for years.

                      Images I have that printed fine on a 3880 in 2011, will now not print (same error message) on same printer.


                      I apprecaite the other posters input, but that has nothing to do with this. I'm a very experienced printer, but am very frustrated by Adobe's lack of response, or authorised correct answer.


                      I don't wish to transfer every image to a new document. and its payers. ridiculous.

                      my images were not printed to another printer, but to the exact same one, that PS SC4 refuses to see now.


                      deeply frustrating.

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                        jwm2g Level 1

                        This problem has been frustrating me beyond description for years.  I can't get ANY reasonable response.  I found a link in the adobe tech support site that describes the problem and a 'fix'.    To summarize... it says if you can't get to the print page due to this stupid message, then open the print page and....  (OK.....)  Who proofs these 'help' posts???


                        Basically this problem is simple.  I have two computers with PS installed.  If I print a new PSD on one, it won't print on the other due to this 'you must install printer' message.  If I start a new PSD and print on the other one (to the SAME NETWORK PRINTER), that PSD won't print on the other computer.   It's obvious to me that printer information is being stored in the PSD.  This is absolutely ludicrous!  I pay this much for a product, and I have to remember which computer I was on when I first printed a PSD, and only use that same computer to reprint (or print a PSD cloned from that PSD). 


                        Has anyone found a way to delete the printer information from the PSD?  I looked in the PSD properties, printer history.  it's empty.


                        is there ANY workaround for this?

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                          narikin Level 1

                          I gave up looking for a real answer, and just made an action to copy and paste all layers into a new document of same size, res. and profile.


                          Adobe should be ashamed of itself with answers like these. It clearly is some bug in the files data sidecar that is preventing this.

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                            jwm2g Level 1

                            now to top it all off, my main computer had a harddrive crash.  So NONE of my photoshop files will print. 


                            This is a disgrace!!!  I post here expecting someone from Adobe to be able to help me, and sadly, it's just a bunch of users telling each other how awful this is. I always appreciate the support of other users.  But I'm past the need for sympathy.  I need an answer. I spent a fortune on this Adobe Suite and I'm now losing money in my business and have no way to deliver my products.


                            Where can I go to get some actual Adobe person to respond to this problem?

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                              jwm2g Level 1

                              clarification.... obviously nothing will print on a computer with a harddrive crash.  But all of the PSDs would ONLY print using that computer.  I get this stupid error msg on any other computer when I try to print a file that was 'owned' by the computer that failed.  So even though I have Photoshop on other computers, I'm still dead since Adobe has yet to hear the word 'portability'.

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                                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                If you want help from Adobe, contact their technical support line. This is

                                a User-to-User forum.

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                                  jwm2g Level 1

                                  Great.... I get to pay $39 (or more) for them to tell me how to work around defects in their product.

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                                    Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    [ Moved to Photoshop forum ]

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                                      jwm2g Level 1

                                      Tech support put me on hold for about 30 minutes to 'look up my serial number'.  When he came back he started saying he did find my serial nu..... and he hung up.  I had already given him my callback number.  Yet he never called me back when we were 'disconnected'. There is no excuse for him not calling me back.  I have no reason to believe this was anything other than intentional avoidance of the problem.  Before he started looking up my serial number, he told me that Photoshop didn't support working with files on a network drive (???).  He also told me that even if it was found to be an actual defect in the product, I still owed the $39.  The $39 was "not for finding the defect... it was for the technician's time.... (???)  Where do they find these people to answer the phones?


                                      Sorry about the venting... I'm just losing money by the day, and I get to pay for these kinds of moronic statements.


                                      Here's the situation, yet one more time.....


                                      1) I complete a PSD file and save it

                                      2) I print it on one of the printers accessible by that machine

                                      3) I then try to close the PSD, but it says the 'file has changed'  The ONLY thing that has changed is that I PRINTED it.  So you can't tell me PS is not saving at least something about the printing task in the file

                                      4) If I say 'no' to the save-after-print question, I can go to another computer, open the same file and print with no problem

                                      5) If I say 'yes' to the save-after-print question, and I go to another computer and try to print the file, I get the "In order to perform printing tasks you must define a printer" message

                                      6) This scenario applies to any machine.  Once I hit 'save' after printing, that PSD can now never be printed on any other machine other than that one.

                                      7) And this is a user problem (???)


                                      Somebody please tell me:


                                      1) why PS marks a file 'changed' and requires saving after doing nothing other than printing it if it is not saving printer history/setup in the file?


                                      2) Why I can print the PSD from any computer with PS installed as long as I don't do a save after printing from one, but as soon as I do a save after print, the file is basically locked permanently to that one machine forever?


                                      Right... and they want a minimum of $39 to tell me a) this is a user problem, b) Photoshop doesn't support files on a shared network drive; c) "...NO.... we don't save printer information in the file, and d) get hung up on with no callback.


                                      I have 40 years of experience in software architecture and development.  I know enough to know a little bit about how these things work.  And I also have been around long enough to recognize intentional denial of a product defect by the support team.