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    Backup catalog files not readable by Elements 6


      I have been using PSE 6 for quite a while and have backed up my catalog several times with no problem.  For some reason, this time, when saving it to my ext hard drive, PSE saved them in some odd tagged files which i will include.  One of the files I can open but it is not the catalog that I was intending to save.  I have tried opening each of the files but to no avail.  Is there any way to restore this catalog or is it lost forever?  These are the files that it saved in my elements sequel folder:


      backupCT DAT file 1KB

      Catalog PSEDB File 368KB (I can access this one)

      collstatus DAT File 1KB

      itemData.mk4 MK4 File 221KB

      Tagstatus DAT File 1KB

      Thumb.5 Cache File 2,143KB


      This is where the catalog was saved to

      computer>Exp Drive>From Elements>Elements Sequel>Elemenst Sequel


      Are there any downloads that I could use to open the cache file?


      Thanks for any help you can give.