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    Perform Recover Edges automatically

    CStaack-JahhBA Level 1

      Sorry if this has been asked before, but my search didn't turn up usable results.


      At the moment, I convert my RAWs to DNG upon import into LR. Then I drag the DNGs upon a link to the Recover Edges - Application. They gain about 0.2 Megapixels with no visible degregation (NEFs from Nikon D300).

      This is a time consuming process (in Win XP, I get an error when I try to drag more than about 25 images. Also, I have to confirm the conversion for each file)


      I am aware of the fact that not all RAW formats see an improvement from RE, but for all those that do, an option in the DNG Converter "Apply Recover edges after conversion" would be welcome.