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    Does Adobe provide a DataDirect JDBC upgrade path support Oracle 11g R2?


      I've researched the forums, and apparently I'm the first one to be asking this question.  Others have asked about connecting earlier versions of ColdFusion to Oracle 11g, and I've seen that it was recommended to download JDBC drivers directly from Oracle.


      We're upgrading from Oracle 9g to 11g R2, and we connect to Oracle with CF9.  The CF9 documentation states that the DataDirect drivers packaged with CF9 support Oracle 11g R1 (11.1). 


      I need to find out whether that driver supports Oracle 11g R2 (Oracle 11.2) or whether I'll need to upgrade our JDBC driver?  Chances are if it supports R1, then R2 should work okay too... right?


      Maybe not.  I put in a call to Data Direct, and they said we'd need to upgrade our JDBC drivers to at least v4.1 to support 11g R2.

      Data Direct has released JDBC versions 4.1, 4.2 and 5.0 since the release of Adobe CF9, so I need to know whether Adobe offers an upgrade path for our JDBC drivers to a higher version or not - and I need to get this answer without having any ColdFusion support.  We shouldn't need to pay for a single incident case just to find out whether Adobe provides a JDBC upgrade path or not.

      Appreciate any responses.