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    My CS2 serial number is not accepted


      I bought the CS5.5 Master Collection upgrade for my CS2 but when I get to the screen asking for my old serial number CS2 is not an option on the drop down menu -- the last version listed is CS3.  Can anyone help?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Is your CS2 serial number and upgrade?  Which CS2 product are you trying to upgrade from?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Where did you buy from? Could simply be that you have been sent a wrong upgrade package. Happens from time to time. Call them and sort it out.



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              mc2comm Level 1

              Jeff --


              Getting back to you on the CS2 upgrade serial number -- I am trying to upgrade from CS2 Premium to CS5.5 Master Collection.  First off I had to purchase a new Mac as my G5 hard drive would not support the CS5 software -- this new computer has NO Adobe software on it what so ever.  When I attempt to load the Up[grade the prompter askes if I am upgrading from a previous Master Collection with CS3 being the earliest version -- no CS2 to be found (an Adobe person said I should be able to upgrade from Premium to Master Collection no problem).  Next the CS2 serial number I get directly from my G5 falls 4 digits short of the 24 digits needed for the old serial number.  We have also moved our offices so we are having trouble locating the Adobe Suites for my computer as well as anither in the office.


              Honestly, if you could help me sort this out one way or another I would greatly appreciate it!


              FYI -The software upgrade was purchased from the Adobe site -- we requested actual disks.  The Regular CS5 upgrade I used for my Standard CS2 upgrade -- worked like a dream -- no complaints.  I purchsed the CS2 from a computer store in Chicago in 2004-05. Each of the 3 Macs we have has it's own Adobe Suite -- one of the three upgrades has been successful thus far.


              thanks in advance Jeff.


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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                The complete serial number would be contained on your product box.  If you are finding the serial number on the computer itself we intentionally only provide 20 of the 24 digits to help protect your software license.  Otherwise anyone could walk up to your computer and obtain your serial number.  If you registered your product with Adobe you can complete the following steps to locate your serial number:


                1. Sign in to your Adobe account with your Adobe ID (your email address) and password.
                2. Click My Adobe, and then click My Products.
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                  mc2comm Level 1

                  Jeff --


                  The software was registered in 2005-06 when it was purchased.  I can find the product packaging for my CS2 Standard Suite and CS3 Web developer but nopt any of my CS2 Premium Suites -- now what?


                  Do I have to pay Adobe $39+ to talk to someone in hopes of getting a timely answer?  Incredibly frustrating.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    mc2comm I would recommend contacting our support team at this point.  They can use a variety of personal information to attempt to locate your registration.  For the best assistance, I recommend our chat support at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6.  Our chat representatives can provide a personalized experience to resolve the issue you have described.