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    FAQ: What are the JDI (Just Do It) features in Photoshop?

    Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

      What are JDI features?  They're "Just Do It" features: small features that don't take a lot of time to implement or test and seem like an obvious improvement.



      JDI list for Photoshop CC



      JDI features in Photoshop CS6, by category:



      • Contact Sheet II has been restored as an Automate option
      • PDF Presentation and Layer Comps to PDF have been restored as Automate options



      • Add ability to record brush strokes in actions with "Allow Tool Recording" option
      • Brightness/contrast slider for textures when painting
      • Brush projection for static tips
      • Brush tip cursor reflects brush pose and jitter for round and captured tips
      • HUD brush resize and hardness can now change opacity - [Control] + [Option] + click drag up/down with General>Preferences> "Vary Round Brush Hardness based on HUD vertical movement" unchecked
      • Increase maximum brush size to 5000px
      • Change color dynamics to per stroke instead of per tip (user option for old behavior)



      • Enable Split Channels for documents with single layer (so you can split simple transparency)


      Color Picker

      • allow clipboard paste into hex field with # in contents (i.e. #aabbcc), or 0x (i.e. 0xAABBCC)
      • allow shortcut hex values (i.e. #123)



      • Add ignore adjustment layers options bar item for the eyedropper
      • New mode for eyedropper to select layers current and below
      • Show the sample size popup for the various eyedropper tools (black point, white point, etc.)


      File Formats

      • Allow for reading more bit depths in TIFF files
      • Give the user choices regarding how they want transparency treated in OpenEXR on file open and save
      • Read BIGTIFF format (TIFF files over 4 Gig)
      • Read common stereo image pair formats (JPS, MPO, PNS)



      • Increased GPU stability by prequalifying GPUs on the fly before use



      • Grammar policed throughout app
      • Use consistent grammar style in the title of dialog windows (no commands such as "Choose a color:")


      Image Resizing

      • Auto-select the best resample method based on the type of resize (bicubic-automatic)



      • (Macintosh only) Import images from devices provides ImageKit scanning and camera acquisition support



      • Add bicubic sharper & bicubic smoother options when free transforming layers (menu in options bar)
      • Add dither options to Layer Styles for Gradient Overlay and Gradient Stroke
      • Allow 00 or Shift 00 to work when setting layer/fill opacity (previously no way to get 0%)
      • Allow changing color labels on multiple layers at once
      • Allow changing of blend modes for multiple layers at once
      • Allow locking of multiple selected layers
      • CMD+J to duplicate selected layers and layer groups (in addition to layers)
      • Layer tooltips to include layer name (if defined)
      • New command to rasterize layer effect into layer, merging the selected layers into themselves (Rasterize Layer Style)
      • Opt+click on toggle arrows (groups and effects)in layer panel should close all targets
      • Reorder effects in the layers palette to match the Z-order style/blend mode (bottom most effects in terms of blending order, drop shadow is below the other effects)
      • Show blend if/Blending Effects badge on layer if they are not default values
      • Show correct opacity and blend mode values for hidden layers
      • Tab goes to next layer on inline layer rename, SHIFT + TAB goes to previous
      • When creating a shape layer, the layer name should not be like "Shape 1" but instead reflect the tool named such as "Rectangle 1"



      • Add option to load last mesh
      • Increase maximum Liquify brush size to 15,000
      • Resize Liquify brush with shortcuts: bracket keys [ ] now match same increments in Photoshop
      • ctrl (win) / cmd (mac) switches to magnifying glass
      • alt + right click + drag to change brush size (win)
      • ctrl + alt + left click + drag  to change brush size (mac)



      • Enable Invert and Threshold adjustments for masks in 32-bit/channel



      • Hold SHIFT during startup to disable Optional and 3rd party plugins



      • Add New Document presets for common devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc.)
      • Add new Gradient Map presets for traditional print toning and split-toning
      • Sticky reorganization of tool presets (changes persist after relaunch)
      • New HDR Pro presets from RC Concepcion and Scott Kelby



      • Add "Edit" button for the description field in the print dialog
      • Allow print dialog and print preview window to be resized
      • Allow user to change the "preview well" background color in the print dialog
      • Allow user to manually position the printed area on the page
      • Hide color profiles that are inappropriate for currently selected printer when using "Photoshop Manages Color"
      • Reintroduce "Print selected area", allow user to modify selection in print dialog



      • Add warning message that 16-bit images cannot display their file size in the Save as JPEG dialog



      • Add ability to access tool name associated with the tool preset name via scripting
      • Add the ability to return an array of guides in a document from the scripting SDK



      • Make the marquee, lasso, and mask panel feather values support decimal places like the feather dialog
      • Remember feather radius when showing dialog for selection from a path



      • Don't hide smart object icon when transforming a layer
      • Improve dragging of vector curves
      • Rotate 90 with even x odd pixel dimension to not land on a half pixel position
      • Preference to disable auto-rotate on open



      • Add command to insert "lorem ipsum" for type
      • Added Gamma rendering parameter for better text rendering



      • [Windows] New/open document to context click on a document tab (has always been on Mac, now Windows too)
      • Add "Don't show again" checkbox to Purge warnings
      • Remove the app bar and reduce the drag/app bar over 30%