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    Multithreading in Flash 11.4?

    Ansury Level 3

      Flash Player "Dolores"

      Adobe is planning an additional Flash Player release in the second half of 2012. Code-named "Dolores", this release focuses on enabling features and functionality for the gaming market, as well as improvements for general Flash Player use cases.

      Some of the features planned for this release include the following:

      • ActionScript workers (enables concurrent ActionScript execution on separate threads)
      • Support for advanced profiling
      • Support for more hardware-accelerated video cards (from 2005/2006) in order to expand availability of hardware accelerated content
      • Improved ActionScript performance when targeting Apple iOS
      • Performance index API to inform about performance capabilities of current environment
      • Release outside mouse event API


      Wish it had come sooner, but that's pretty cool.