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    Photoshop CS5.1 shuts down my Computer

    Hans Preuer



      I write this here, because the Photoshop Macintosh Forum is set to read only, where I found a similar thread (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3647554). I use Master Collection CS5.5 with all the latest patches on an iMac 27" (mid 2010) with 16 GB Ram, 2.93 GHz Core i7. When I worked in Photoshop, always after 2-4 minutes I got immediately a blank screen and the iMac was powered off. Someone in the thread said, that's always if you work with a resolution of 300 dpi. I remembered, that this was the first time, I used 300dpi, becaue normaly I work only with 72 to 150 dpi. So I opend a new file with 150dpi and I could do the whole work WITHOUT crashes!


      I also think that this is normaly a memory problem with bad RAM, but WHY is it only triggerd with 300dpi? I will do a Test also with 400dpi so I know, I can only work to 299 dpi, or I can only NOT wort WITH 300dpi.



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          Curt Y Level 7

          Does not make any sense to me as dpi stands for dots per inch which is a spec for printing documents.  Even if you confused it with ppi, or pixels per inche it makes no sense either as image size is what your are really concerned about.


          That is measured by xxxx pixels High by xxxx pixels Wide. 


          Must be something going on here that is just a coincidence of what you are seeing.  Seems like you machine is more than enought to handle anything thrown at it.


          The big key here is what is the graphics card?  That will determine how the computer handles large images.

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The thread you refer to is all about hardware problems, mainly bad RAM. All the posters resolved their problems by swapping the RAM sticks.


            The 300 ppi was mentioned once, but in the context of large files. There's nothing special about the number 300 - and as Curt points out, it wouldn't have made any sense.

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              Hans Preuer Level 1



              You are right, it should be "pixels per inch". I also can't see any connection between the resolution (in pixel per inch) of the page and a crash, but for me this is a "working" workaround. I have now tested, and all above 300 ppi crashes the machine, and all more below works.


              My Graphics card is a ATI Radeon HD 5750 with 1024MB RAM.


              The image is very small. For testing, I draw only on 10 layers one line with the line tool and add some new layers with 1 text element (a time like "08:30"). After inserting the first to third Text it crashes.




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                Curt Y Level 7

                What are you doing to change from a 150 ppi image to a 300 ppi image?


                Check on the image size window and you will see if you just change the ppi the image size changes also.


                Should be able to handle it with your computer.


                Check and see if computer reading all the ram you have installed.  That is not a 100% test, but a start.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  I concur with the others that you likely have hardware problems.  It's possible you have a bum driver (not impossible, but less likely).  Nothing the software does should ever cause a system shutdown like that.


                  Doesn't the OSX system have some logging somewhere that would tell you why the system shut down, and maybe even provide some info about what may be going wrong with the hardware?


                  I'd run whatever diagnostics have been provided with your system ASAP.  RAM does fail and hardware does go bad!



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                    Hans Preuer Level 1

                    @Curt: I do not change the files, I always make new one. I make a new file with resolution set to 150 ppi and all went well, than I do a new one with 200 ppi and all went well, than I do a new one with 300ppi and it crashes. After starting the iMac for new, I do a file with 400 ppi and it crashes, ansd so on. So I did my tests.


                    Tomorrow, I will test my RAMs in 4GB bundles (remove the 16GB ond use always only 4GB). It's unlikly, that ALL RAMs are bad. Hopfully I find the buggy one.




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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      PPI and image size are directly related.  On my pic of 96 ppi the image size is 1525 x 1031 or 4.5 m


                      If I change the ppi to 200 the image size changes to 3177 x 2148 for a new size of 19.5 m


                      So by changing ppi you are changing the image size.  A double with quadruple the size of the image, and that is where you are runnig into problems.

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                        Level 7

                        If the whole computer is shutting down, you're looking at bad hardware, an OS bug, or a low level driver bug.

                        But most often it turns out to be defective RAM, and sometimes bad motherboards.

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                          Hans Preuer Level 1

                          Thanks all for your help. I have done a lot of tests wich RAM changes:


                          I have 2 Banks with each have 2 slots (Bank 0/0, Bank 0/1, Bank 1/0, Bank 1/1). In each Slot is a 4 GB Module. All works fine to 12 GB RAM, but as soon I put a module in Bank 1/1, Photoshop (and only Photoshop) crashes with a kernel panic. All my other programs (Adobe Premiere 5.5, Avid Media Composer 6, Apple Final Cut Pro X, aso.) works fine.


                          So there are only 2 options: Bank 1/1 is corrupt because it is with each module (so the Modules works fine, I think), and therefor the Motherboard is corrupt, or Photoshop has a problem with over 12 GB RAM. Because I have no other machine with more then 12 GB RAM, I have attached a link with my test-file. It's only a simple file, and you need only to add 3-5 more text layers. If that works on other machines with 16 GB RAM, my motherboard is corrupt.


                          Testfile: http://www.xtana.eu/x3rr5879/TEST400.psd.zip


                          Thanks again for all your help.


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                            Level 7

                            Photoshop works quite well on machines with 64 Gig of RAM (or the 32 Gig I'm using here).

                            Yes, that sounds like you might have a bad motherboard.


                            Glad that you knew to try swapping out the RAM -- most users just try some software RAM tester (which are useless).


                            Odds are that other software that moves a lot of memory quickly would also crash (After Effects, Premiere, etc.) if you tried them.

                            But the fact that you have a repeatable kernel panic and machine shutdown means that it's hardware, and you've done a good job of narrowing it to the motherboard.

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                              Hans Preuer Level 1

                              Now, I found another solution: I disabled "Enable OpenGL Drawing" in the Performance Tab under the Preferences and now, Photoshop also works well with my 16GB RAM. If I enable OpenGL and have only 12GB installed, also all works well. Only the combination of more then 12 GB RAM and OpenGL kernel panics my iMac. So, I turn OpenGL off, because I didn't need it.



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                                Curt Y Level 7

                                If openGL affects your performance it would indicate your graphics card is not up to the task, or more likely the dirvers are not up to the task.


                                Sometimes the latest drivers are buggy, and a roll back to previous version will work.  Not sure on a Mac how this is done.