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    Form problems


      Hi guys.


      I've got a job application form for a company which is a PDF with forms that I have to fill in. After I've done that, their instructions are as follows:


      After completing the form click on the 'SEND DATA' button on the last page. This will either open your email program or you will be given three options. If given the options select 'other' and you will see an option to 'save data file'. Save it to the same folder that you have the application form in. It will have the name: bmi_regional_application_form_data



      So the problem is this. Once I click 'send data' I get two options, one is to open the email program (Windows Live for me) and the other is to use an internet email like Hotmail. If i choose the second one, it saves the document as bmi_regional_application_form.fdf. Clicking on this, it then says that it can't find the file and do I want to browse for it. If I then click 'yes' and then double click the original application form, it comes up with all my details back in. But I'm still stuck with the original blank document, and the .fdf one.


      If I choose the first option it opens my Live email, but then says there aren't any matches for the email address that I've been supplied with, and closes down.


      Any help on this? Ideally I want to end up with the file that they want (bmi_regional_application_form_data) and attach it to an internet email account. I can't seem to do it. The original that I downloaded from their site (bmi_regional_application_form.pdf) is about 1800kb, and the thing that I save (bmi_regional_application_form.fdf) is about 8kb.


      I suppose if worst comes to worst then I can print and scan each page of it and save it as a .pdf myself.