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    Why is Illustrator so slow when closing documents?

    Brad S. Level 1

      I am running Illustrator 15.1.0 on Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

      2.2 ghz processor << probably the weakest part of the system, but all other apps run fine still

      8gb RAM

      Nvidia 260gtx 800mb

      Separate scratch disk (although this shouldn't be an issue when opening a single 1mb file with 8gb RAM)


      Running Extensis Suitcase with the AI autoactivation plugin turned off.


      Opening and especially closing even the simplest of documents in Illustrator is painfully slow. Closing a basic 1mb logo file without any fonts in it, for example, is taking 2-3 minutes or more. The machine just hangs, the program says it's not responding, so I wait. If I have a lot of documents open, it's faster to close and relaunch the entire app than it is to close each document individually. Quitting and restarting only takes a few seconds in comparison.


      Yes, I already tried throwing out my AIPREFs. No, it didn't help and Illustrator is almost unusable in it's current state.


      Any ideas as to why this is happening and what can be done to improve the problem? This is terribly frustrating.


      Thanks in advance.