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    GPU doesn't clock down with HW acceleration on




      so this is my problem: the GPU is stuck in performance state P8 (405 Mhz) and doesn't clock down to P12 (50 Mhz) as long as any browser tab containing a video in flash exists, tested in Firefox an Chrome. It does NOT matter if the video is running or even if the browser is minimized or not.


      If I turn off HW acceleration it goes to P12. Sadly, the software upscaling in full screen looks horrible since Flash Player 10. See this gentleman's pictures for reference. http://forums.adobe.com/message/3959478


      So either one of these two things would help:

      Preferably a) don't force P8 just because a flash tab is open, if no video is actually running.

      Or b) please make fullscreen upscaling w/o HW acceleration look nice again like it was before Flash 10.


      I have my browser open with many tabs 14 hours a day, so usually at least one of them contains a video. My GPU would be in P12 75% of the time, the difference to P8 is about 50 Watt. 50 Watt for 18 months... I'm pretty sure that issue unknowingly caused me 50 EUR damages in energy costs.


      GPU: GeForce GTX 460

      Driver: 290.53


      Thanks for your time,