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    Local Photos not sorted

    StefanLohmaier Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have about 15 GB of pictures on my tablet. All sorted in folders in the form or: YEAR.MONTH.DAY


      If I want to edit a specific picture it is pretty annoying. All these folders show up in Local Photos. But they are not sorted in anyway... The order appears to be random. I have over 100 folders. Searching for a specific folder takes time.


      Is there any other way to open a specific picture? Unfortunatley Photoshop does not register it self as a Picture Viewer in Android.


      Best Regards,


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          Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

          Hi StefanLohmaier,

          I'm not sure what the answer is but I will ask the team and see if someone can get an answer for you on this one. What type of tablet do you have?




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            David__B Adobe Employee

            Hi Stefan,


            I have a bunch of questions


            How did you get photos on the device also? Are these folders of photos you transferred to the tablet? It might be sorting them by the date folders were created or copied over rather than the date names of the folders themselves. Do folders appear in a different order if you access them from other apps on the device, like Gallery?



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              StefanLohmaier Level 1

              I have a 64GB 3G Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, which has Honeycomb 3.1


              I use Dropsync to synchronize the pictures from my Dropbox to the sdcard.


              The onboard Gallery sorts the folders by name. So each Year is correctly grouped. In Photoshop it isn't...

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                David__B Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the info Stefan,


                I found out that PS Touch does sort based on date created for the folders rather than by filename. That being the case, a possible solution might be to just make copies of the folders in an environment where they are sorted by filename, like a computer, and then replace the current copies with ones that were created sequentially. You would probably need a SD card reader on the computer to perform the process. You might try that if possible.



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                  StefanLohmaier Level 1

                  So you sort the folders by the youngest file in them? I created a folder called Photoshop and copied a file in it. But the Photoshop folder didn't show up at first position. Somewhere between. So that can't be it.


                  The pictures can't be synced by EXIF-data. I attached a picture of the Local Photos screen. This goes on for pages.


                  I don't see any order other than random. All these folders are in /sdcard/Pictures/Privat


                  The only workaround so far is creating a folder with an usual name like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, so I spot it right away during scrolling. But that is quite annoying.


                  PS: I can't sort stuff, because my Dropbox syncronisation app will be confused.

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                    David__B Adobe Employee

                    Thank you for testing that. I guess its not possible to sort currently then. I went ahead and recreated an idea post for having this feature added in future versions here.





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                      civesasp Level 1

                      I do have the very same problem and it is really a very annoying issue. You get hundreds of random folders, even repeated in different places of the screen (but the same repeated files inside -a few of my folders and subfolders are repeated several times, even though I just have one of each of those folders in my tablet-). It is impossible to find a file, everything is completely mixed, folders mixed with subfolders, folders with strange one-word long names (maybe because I use Spanish characters in my folders' names?, I did not check it)...

                      Really imppssible to work with.

                      Isn't it possible to simply access the Gallery or to a Local Folders viewer and there navigate through the different folders and subfolders both in the internal and external SD card.

                      It is unbelievable. Any app in the market can do it' I have never seen these troubles to manage folders in any other app before, but a company such as Adobe offers a product with that important mistake. And your app is not the cheapest one in the market, either.

                      Please fix this ASAP. I really CANNOT WORK like this...

                      Thank you and regards.


                      Remark: Another related point should be to let us access our photos in Flicr and Picasa. I am amazed tha t first offered access to Facebook photos, rather than these two ones. The Touch program looks fantastic, but these two points (failures, mistakes?) are shocking in a photo editing software made by the world leader... ???

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                        Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

                        Hi civesasp,

                        Your idea to include access to Flickr and Picasa is a good one. There is currently a feature request for access to Picasa Web albums. You can vote on it here to show your support. The Photoshop Touch product team pays close attention to these requests. I don't see a request there yet for access to Flickr photos. Perhaps you would like to add this request. I'll check back after a while. If you haven't added it, I'll put it up there on your behalf. Thanks so much for your feedback.



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                          civesasp Level 1

                          Thank you. Done.


                          P.S.: I sometimes think that the odd fact that PS Touch was launched

                          before for Android than for iPad (which does not usually happen), and

                          the fact that it has so many flaws, it is because Adobe is using Android

                          users as beta-testers, in order to get a polished product before

                          launching the final version for iPad.

                          This would not have been bad except for the fact that I paid nearly 8

                          Euros in order to be used as a beta-tester. Don't tell me that I am

                          wrong, please... It is quite obvious...




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