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    Image Alignment Question


      I am using an IMac and somehow the upper left corner of the image is centered in the middle of the workspace instead of the upper left corner. This results in the image being turncated on the right unless I make it fairly small. Is there an adjustment that will move the upper left corner of the image to the upper left corner of the workspace, thereby centering the image in the workspace? Thanks for your help.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          I don't really understand what you're saying, and it would help a lot if you would tell us which version of PSE, but in any case the first thing to try when PSE gets weird is to delete the prefs. Quit the editor (quit PSE if PSE 8 or lower) then relaunch it while holding down command+shift+option. Keep the keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.


          Also, the hand tool is used to scoot an image around to change the part that's visible.

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            zjay76 Level 1

            Thanks, that worked, I have PSE 10.