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    Closing multiple files

    F Yates

      Hi, I've just upgraded to CS5 from Elements, boy what a difference!


      I've hit a problem when I want to close the photos that I've edited. when I've processed them I want to save them as either TIFF or JPEG files.


      I've been to File>Scripts>Image processor which allows me to convert the files and send them to a folder of my choice - albeit in a sub folder. But, and it's a big but, the original RAW files remain open, and have to be manually closed one by one. After a big shoot this will be PIA.


      I've also looked at File>Automate>Batch. This will process my photos, but on every alternate one I get a message saying that the "Feather" function is not working, and that photo is not processed, so i only get 50% saved. In addition they can only be saved in the original folder so I finish up with both RAW and processed files. Then I have to do a tidy up exercise.


      What can I do? The first option seems the best if there was some way in which the processed files could be closed. I've looked in all the help pages and this just tells me to create an action, but it doesn't tell me how to do it. I'm also told that I can download some actions in adition to the default actions, but again I'm not told what these are, or where they can be found.


      Can anyone help? All I need is to close multiple files that I've worked on and converted to my chosen storage format.


      I'm not a geek, so please don't get too techy!!