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    No success with Enable Usage Rights


      Hello experts,


      I hope someone can finally offer a solid.. and working solution to the problem here.


      1.) Built a form in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 and launched it for Users

      2.) Users with Reader 8 are able to access, complete and submit the form via email as they should. No errors resulted.

      3.) Users with Reader X/Reader 10, all receive the (very over used) error "This document enabled extended features... ....please contact author... "


      I have followed every set of instructions on this web site, as well as everything I could find on google. Frankly, the solutions or confusing and mixed, with some saying do one thing, some saying to do something else and some saying both... all of which have not solved the issue.


      1.) Have gone back in and created new form, ensuring the security settings are all set to none and extended features are enabled, saved and redeployed.. no success.

      2.) Have gone in to LiveCycle, created new form, ensuring the security settings are all set to none and extended features are enabled.. then back in to Acrobat, enabled them again and resaved and deployed... no success.

      3.) Have gone in to the form and did "unbinding" for every form field, saved and redeployed.. no success (it should be noted that doing this eliminated the "enabled features" error for Reader X people, but then threw a second error about an email submit button and that only the content would be sent.. not the form. The user sent the info.. it came back blank.


      I have run out of trials and resulted in too many errors, that now I don't know what is the right way to get this to work. The ultimate goal is simply:


      1.) I want to create fillable forms which users can email back

      2.) I have to be able to create the forms in Acrobat Professional 8, but the forms need to be usable by my people who may be on Reader 8, Reader 9, and Reader X/10



      If any of you experts are able to assist with eliminating the confusion here, and providing a solid, working solution, I would be most grateful as the ability to get this working could have a positive affect on a tremendous amount of people.


      Thank you,