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    PDFs from Excel 2007 with internal hyperlinks - Acrobat X?


      I am having several issues with the Create PDF functionality in Acrobat 9 with Excel 2007.  I would like to know if


      1) These problems can be fixed in Acrobat 9

      2) If not, are they fixed in Acrobat X


      I have multiple Excel 2007 workbooks that need to be converted to PDFs on a regular basis.  Each workbook has multiple tabs (a different number of tabs selected to print for each PDF created), page numbers that extend through the entire selected set of tabs, and internal hyperlinks.


      None of these features appear to work correctly when using the Create PDF option from the Adobe ribbon bar.  Page numbers become 1-X for each selected tab, and the internal hyperlinks (from an Errors page to the related page with details on the errors) disappear.


      I can fix the page numbering problem by printing to PDF, but of course the hyperlinks will not work there either.  I read that Acrobat 9 has problems recognizing internal hyperlinks in Office documents, so is this something that was fixed in Acrobat X?


      Thank you all for your time.

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          I would appreciate any guidance on converting Excel 2007 internal hyperlinks in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (Ver 9.1.0).


          In summary, i have created a Excel Table of Contents using Excel hyperlinks and when I convert these using the ribbon, the text converts but the hyperlinks are not included - I have tried this with external hyperlinks and this works fine.


          I have read arcticle http://forums.adobe.com/thread/448213 which looked hopeful, but it refers to XP and a security update KB969682 - I am running Windows 7 and don't have that KB installed :-(


          Really appreciate help as I am running out of ideas.


          Thanks - DMB