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    Pagemaker and Windows 7


      I have installed Pagemaker 7.0.1a on my new Windows 7 (64-bit) computer.  Works fine until I try to shut Pagemaker down.

      When shutting down, I get a Windows error that "Adobe Pagemaker for Windows application file has stopped working.  Check online for a solution or Close the program".

      It's not a big deal but of my recently opened file history is saved.

      Any ideas why PM7 won't shutdown properly??

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          BradSteiner Level 1

          Should have said

          "None of my recently opened file history is saved"

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Because PM 7 was designed to run on Windows 2000 and maybe XP.




            Win7 and 64 bit to boot? I’m surprised you got that dinosaur to install.




            This has been discussed to death…either find an old computer to run it on or do the smart thing and move to InDesign.





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              kellir-nd Level 1

              Bob's right. Win7 is pushing it quite a bit. I was able to use it on a Vista system, but I had to "run as Administrator" and run in XP compatibility mode. It crashed everytime I closed out.


              Also, some of the options in PM didn't quite work right in Vista. Workable if I needed to open a PM file to view something, but not the best scenario for editing anything.


              The crashing is just something you will have to live with if you must use PM on Win7 unfortunately. The only tip I have is to be sure to save & close your files first, THEN shut down out of PM and it won't need to save file history that will annoy you the next time you open PM.

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                Bob Caused This Level 1

                I get the same things...My solution. Just deal with it. I'm running PM 7.01a on Win 7 Ultimate and these are two bugs (not closing correcty, and no recent file list) that just comes with the 'setup'. I'm far more involved than just PM 7. I'm still using Adobe Acrobat 8 as well. After regressing and getting the splwow64.exe errors on my pdf exports, I upgraded to Acrobat 8.3.1 and now it's working fine again. But I was still able to print to .ps and distill during that time. In fact, I liked it somewhat better in that after the .ps file was created, PM was 'free' again instead of still being locked up while the distilling process continued. Other dirty laundry with PM 7 on Windows 7 Ultimate, the cursed .docx files not being recognized on import. But this was an issue on my XP Pro OS. I wouldn't call being unable to close a program properly 'crashing' technically. PM hasn't crashed on me yet, and seems to be stable while running, ie., no unexpected shut downs. The pdf printer port can be rather finicky when it comes to exporting successfully. I had to delete my old PS styles and recreate them, and in addition please make sure the 'compose to printer' option in document setup is set to the correct adobe pdf printer port, otherwise you will get an error on export. but as stated...working as expected...and I'm still learning as I go. Best of luck!~

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  You seriously expect PM to read DOCX files?





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                    Bob Caused This Level 1

                    wasn't much of an issue until our office was upgraded to microsoft office 2010. of course there is always the save as word 97-2003 doc option, but this is an extra step that unfortunately can not be avoided with the 'setup'. one other dirtly laundry list...the CTL-SHIFT-0 shortcut doesn't show entire pastboard...go figure! otherwise, PM7 on Windows 7 Ultimate has been field tested and seems to hold its own. as i mentioned, my setup is far more involved with the old software i am running. adobe illustrator 9? c'mon! yup, it's true. it's like placing mighty putty on leaky pipes, but i suppose my weakness is that saying something that can't be done, shouldn't be done, or it just won't work, is like dangling a carrot in front of me. i quite frankly enjoy the challenge, and ultimately the satisfaction of how it feels to conquer!

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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      To each his own.





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                        I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!  YOU ARE SO SMART.  You are all talking about the problems I am experiencing, but so much

                        more  indepth.  I have never found a program like PAGEMAKER and the things it does.  I hate the thought of using any other

                        word program because I know it won't do what  PAGEMAKER does.  If someone knows of one, please let me know.


                        Thank you for sharing and allowing me to be part of it.



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                          Bob Caused This Level 1

                          One update. Windows 7 Ultimate has its own 'Recent Documents' for each program (including PM7) on the Start Menu...so voila. Maybe it's not the same, but still it's something, which is better than nothing. More dirty laundry about PM7 is that sometimes the pdf import filter won't cooperate, ie: Page contains transparency. It will not look and print correctly. SOLUTION: take it in to Photoshop and flatten it into a tiff. Problem solved. This problem is not specific to the 64 bit OS as this happened while I was running XP Pro.

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                            CheryleDKing Level 1

                            You are amazing!

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                              Jay Chevako Level 3

                              Pagemaker will only handle  Acrobat 4 pdfs, anything newer and it doesn't know how to deal with it. Opening a pdf in photoshop rasterizes the text and any vector elements in the pdf. This is a less than ideal solution as it creates fuzzy text . A better way would be to convert the pdf  in Acrobat pro to pdf 1.3 (acrobat 4) and place that in pagemaker. The one downside is that pagemaker is excruciatingly slow in it's pdf handling.


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                                Bob Caused This Level 1

                                thanks for the tip jay. i agree that rasterizing the text jeapordizes the quality slightly, but for what i'm doing it's good enough. plus the fact if the the text is 100K to begin with, then registration is a non-issue. one question. is this what is affectionatley known as 'refrying a pdf?' and what are the steps to complete the conversion? is it as simple as resaving the file in acrobat pro with a certain setting, or do i have to completely recreate the pdf in another program using different save settings? one quick note off topic. i do mostly all of my design work in photoshop. pagemaker is not a 'design' program for me. it is simple a page layout program. that's why i love it so much and hate to give it up. whatever i create in photshop just drops right in...it's hard to chage a creature of habit's perspective, ie. use indesign.

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                                  CheryleDKing Level 1

                                  Are you guys all computer techs?  You are so smart.  I used PageMaker for advertising layouts and correspondence, but now I just use it for letters and the like.  I’m not  doing the advertising now so its not so demanding, but I can’t imagine even writing a letter without it!  I miss it terribly.

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                                    CheryleDKing Level 1

                                    I thought I knew a lot about PageMaker until I saw you guys!  Well, now I realize I know nothing.  Thanks for all the info.  I love it.



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                                      Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                                      CheryleDKing wrote:


                                      I thought I knew a lot about PageMaker until I saw you guys!  Well, now I realize I know nothing.  Thanks for all the info.  I love it.



                                      Cheryle, I would say that every regular helper in this forum is an old PageMaker user who moved to InDesign years ago and keeps coming here mainly for sentimental reasons, to try giving a helping hand to those who still need it. Some of us have not used PM for many years (I am a Mac man, and PM simply cannot even be installed under Mac OS X; Win users have been luckier, although it is a lottery and a risk to install it in the latest versions of Windows), and so we have to rely only on our memories.


                                      If you can still use PageMaker and do not need a more modern and complete application for important jobs, by all means keep on using and enjoying it. And if you have doubts or problems about using PM, this is the place to ask.

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                                        CheryleDKing Level 1

                                        Thank you so much!  Have you found anything that is comparable to PageMaker?  You guys are so far ahead of me, I’m sure if there’s something you’ll know what it is.


                                        Again, thanks.



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                                          Jay Chevako Level 3

                                          Bob  it can really affect the quality more than a little, when outputting to print vector text gets rasterized at the resolution of the printer, which for offset printing can be as high as 2540 dpi. Quality for web pdfs is a lot better with vector text, and the size of the pdfs is a lot smaller. But s for some jobs it can be good enough, frankly with Pagemakers lack of ability with pdfs it can be more trouble than it's worth.


                                          Double check the color of your black text when you rasterize a pdf in photoshop, first off it's difficult to tell what color mode the pdf is in and if the person is actually using 100% K text and secondly the conversion in photoshop can change the color  (using a custom cmyk conversion with max GCR is a way to ensure 100%K in photoshop). Indesign has a separations palette that makes checking entire documents much easier. If you have Acrobat pro you can use it's separation palette to check your pdfs from pagemaker


                                          The conversion in Acrobat is a little unintuitive, the easiest way is to use the reduce file size option, checking the acrobat 4 option.  Refrying a pdf usually refers to the practice of placing a pdf in a page layout program and then creating a new pdf.


                                          Cheryle  If you look at any thread you will find people recommending InDesign. Pagemaker  is buggy and hasn't been updated in over a decade. If you go back into advertizing it's the way to go.


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                                            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                                            Cheryle, we all have, and it has been repeated many times, even in this thread: InDesign. But I wouldn't reccomend ID to someone using a layout program only for writing letters...

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                                              CheryleDKing Level 1


                                              Thanks for the tip.  I’ll look into it.  (Even though leaving PageMaker behind breaks my heart)  I guess, like PageMaker, I’m a little behind the times~


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                                                CheryleDKing Level 1

                                                Got cha.  But now I really have to check out InDesign.  It sounds like a good program, regardless.

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                                                  Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                                                  Cheryle, you can download a 30 days trial copy...

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                                                    CheryleDKing Level 1

                                                    You guys are so cool.  You have the answer to all my questions and problems.  Say, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m having a little problem with my washer. . . .

                                                    (just kidding)


                                                    Thanks again.


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                                                      Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                                                      Please give us some details. We don't even know the make of your washer...

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                                                        ReneGnam Level 1



                                                        "Something comparable" to PageMaker would be Serif Page Plus. Go to Serif.com and download their free trial, or since it's really cheap, buy PagePlus X6, the latest version. Since you are not doing extensive page makeup, you might want to save a few more bucks by buying X5.

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                                                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                          You could also go open source (free) with Scribus. http://www.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus



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                                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                            Jay Chevako wrote:


                                                            Refrying a pdf usually refers to the practice of placing a pdf in a page layout program and then creating a new pdf.


                                                            I don't really agree with that definition. Refrying is more opening it in Acrobat, exporting or printing to postscript and then distilling. In either event, you're going to cause way more problems than you solve in a majority of cases.


                                                            I would never even consider a PDF into Pagemaker. If someone insists on an archaic workflow, then use archaic file formats and export the PDF out of Acrobat as an EPS file and place that.



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                                                              Bob Caused This Level 1

                                                              Bob, as one who insists to continue an archaic workflow, I have had relatively few problems with placing pdf files into pagemaker. The times that a problem occurs, PM7 is quick to 'inform' me that a problem exists, mostly with transparencies, which usually consists of an image losing its clipping path and having the white box import as a 'tag along.' There was one occasion when PageMaker did not throw out an alert when the pdf failed to import properly, and along with a lazy eye in the proofing process, the white box printed in error (two of them -- sided by side!). But my question...why not flatten out the pdf in photoshop before placement? I mean yes, pretty archaic, but for me it's the simplest and safest solution. After all photoshop in the miracle program right? The anti-aliasing pretty much corrects any blurry text, and to the naked eye, i really don't see the difference (in print) placing a pure vector image vs. a pixel image. What's the advantage of saving the pdf out of acrobat as an eps again? Maybe i should try this instead. And mostly with washers, i've found it's either the 1) drive motor coupler, or 2) a dime stuck in the drain pump. Thanks.

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                                                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                You are not flattening a PDF by opening it in Photoshop...you are rasterizing it. There is a tremendous difference there. Just as there is a difference between workarounds and solutions.


                                                                Pagemaker simply doesn't handle modern PDFs very well but it does handle EPS nicely. By creating an EPS from the PDF you are truly flattening the art and eliminating any transparency (like PM, EPS has no transparency support) but you retain any vector data in the file.


                                                                If you're going to insist on sticking with PM, which is your prerogative, you should stick to safe workflows.



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                                                                  Bob Caused This Level 1

                                                                  You know, i just ran a 'test' and i feel that saving the pdf as an eps may become part of my workflow now. But, as you can see below, the top pdf was saved out of Acrobat Pro 8.3.1 as an eps with Default Settings. The bottom ad was taken into photoshop and 'rasterized'. I don't like the darker photo in the top image though (eps). I'm sure it's hard for you to tell. I think photoshop did a much better job at retaining original color profile in the image of the mulcher. My next question. What settings should i use when saving as an eps? I have (4) 'tabs'. 1. General 2) Output 3) Marks and Bleeds 4) Postcript Options. One thing I felt was 'odd' was that in the Output tab, the Printer Profile default setting is "Printer/Postcript Color Management." Should this be changed to 'Same As Source (No Color Mangement) ???



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                                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                    Without seeing the actual files it’s very hard. Best advice I can give you is to experiment with those settings.





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                                                                      Bob Caused This Level 1

                                                                      Will do. Something new to play around with. Thanks for your suggestion.

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                                                                        kellir-nd Level 1

                                                                        I would never even consider a PDF into Pagemaker.

                                                                        ... but you CAN place PDF's in Pagemaker, no problem! They just have to be saved as an Acrobat 4.0 version. I keep a copy of Acrobat 5.0 Distiller on my computer (which produces Acrobat 4.0 versions), along with my Acrobat 9.0 Distiller (to make PDF's in InDesign, etc. This version will support transparency effects, whereas Distiller 5.0 will not).


                                                                        Whenever I use Pagemaker for those files I'd like to keep in Pagemaker, I distill the postscript through the Acrobat 5.0. The PDF's place in Pagemaker everytime.


                                                                        And regarding the "taking a problem PDF into Photoshop"... there's a way easier way around it. Once you open the PDF in Photoshop, usually a window will pop up where you can change the resolution to 1000. Then save the PDF as an EPS, and run the EPS through your Distiller on high resolution settings. If you make sure the end result is your PDF saved as an Acrobat 4.0 version, it will place in Pagemaker. The Photoshop trick changes all fonts to curves, and any images/graphics you had now will just be embedded in the PDF and not have problematic links if that's what was causing the issue. You now have a problem-free PDF, and the changing of the resolution to 1000 makes the PDF look almost as good of quality as what you had to begin with.

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                                                                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                          That may well be the worst advice I’ve ever seen. You will still wind up with a rasterized file.




                                                                          On top of that, no version of distiller will give you a PDF with transparency.




                                                                          Distiller uses postscript which has no support whatsoever for transparency.




                                                                          Additionally, you should never have more than one version of Acrobat/distiller/Reader installed on a machine.

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                                                                            kellir-nd Level 1

                                                                            1st Fact is: IT WORKS. I do this EVERY WEEK, and ads are sent to several publications, and they all run just like I sent them.


                                                                            2nd Fact is: I've had 2 versions of Acrobat on my machine for several years. Acrobat 5.0 came on the disk with PM7 and is meant to be used with PM7. That's the only thing that version is used for. No, it's not the best scenario to have 2 versions of Acrobat on your computer, but honestly, it doesn't HURT anything, and if you need it to make PM work correctly, what's the problem?


                                                                            And if you think about it... if someone is creating their design work in Pagemaker, there ISN'T any transparency effects available, so why the debate on transparency?  No, Acrobat 5.0 does not support transparencies. But that's a mute point since this guy is talking about he needs to place the PDF's in Pagemaker. I gave the solution: change the version of the PDF to 4.0. You can do this in Acrobat 9.0 as a matter of fact by setting up a job option to change the PDF down to that version. If you run into transparency issue because the design work was made in a more advanced application, but you HAVE to get it to work in Pagemaker as a placed PDF, then your next step is to do the Photoshop trick. I GUARANTEE it will work, and if someone didn't tell you what had been done to the PDF, you'd never know by looking at final quality when it prints. And no... the printers at these publications do not have trouble with my files.


                                                                            This isn't some crazy idea I came up with myself, it was taught to me by a well-known PDF expert, so please, watch the tone. This isn't the "worst advice." These people that come here are looking for help because they are in Pagemaker for a reason. They don't need to be told they are behind the times and should be using ID... EVERY. DARN. TIME. Sometimes that's not an option for people. I use both, for very good reasons. I watch these posts and jump in when I can help. These people just want an answer and solution to their issue, and some of us just want to help with advice that has and IS working for us. You are discouraging people from helping those in need when you say things like that.


                                                                            BobCausedThis: The Photoshop trick for problematic PDF's: TRY IT. It doesn't hurt anything to try it. It works, I swear.   And, if you need to know the best settings for your Distiller, contact the publication you are working with and ask them. They will tell you exactly what settings they will prefer. Some even give screen shots of each tab in Distiller!

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                                                                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                              Acrobat 5 (PDF version 1.4) does support transparency but only when exported from an application that supports it.




                                                                              You’ve missed the entire point here. The PDF that BCD was placing were not created by Pagemaker…they were created by another application that does support transparency.




                                                                              Finally, just because you’ve been lucky enough to get away with this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.





                                                                              • 36. Re: Pagemaker and Windows 7
                                                                                kellir-nd Level 1

                                                                                Yes... very minimal transparency effects are supported in Acrobat 5.0. Agreed. Was trying to simplify my expanation at the time.


                                                                                And no, I haven't missed the point. Reread my post, my solution is then to take those PDF's created in other applications with more advanced effects that seem to be causing problems when trying to place in PM... and do the Photoshop trick I explained.


                                                                                You may consider my solution "luck," but it's not luck. THOUSANDS of times working is not luck. It is then considered a tried & true METHOD. It's a better idea than NO SOLUTION, or than being told they are using archaic methods. That kind of answer helps no one with their issue.


                                                                                I'm seriously not trying to give you a hard time here, but asking that you not give the rest of us a hard time when we're looking for a way to make things work in PM, or are trying to help those that need it. When a printer tells me my files aren't working anymore, than I know my method is not a solution any longer. This hasn't happened! As I said, been doing this for years and it works EVERY TIME. 

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                                                                                  Bob Caused This Level 1

                                                                                  That's pretty good proof imo. I just pulled out a copy of our company's latest tabloid newsprint. And the ad that I'm looking at (which was brought into photoshop and rasterized), looks pretty darn good, specifically the text. Granted it is 100k, but our printer has been known to have registration issues. And as I have explained before, I'm rasterizing those problem pdfs which fail to import properly into pagemaker. I'm just giving them a quick hit in photoshop. Nothing fancy -- open at 300dpi, cmyk and i'm on my way -- save as tiff, import to PM7....done. Nothing fancy at all. It works for me, and apparently everybody else. If i took a loop to the page, then sure I could tell the text isn't as crisp as it could be. But after all is said and done -- good enough, and in my business, that is the norm. I guess if I have any point at all, the more I think about it, anything above what I'm already doing is overkill. If no one is complaining then why should I change? However, if there is a "better" way then how am I to find out unless I inquire? I appreciate everyone's comments! But maybe the old saying is true -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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                                                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                    The support for transparency is identical in Acrobat 5 as it is in 10.




                                                                                    And yes, I am giving you a hard time (please don’t take it personally) because everything you are advising the OP to do goes against every bit of best practice you’ll find.




                                                                                    Again, just because it works for you doesn’t make it a good idea.





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                                                                                      kellir-nd Level 1

                                                                                      Okay Bob. It appears you need to have the last word... so be sure to respond to this so you can get the last word in, as I am done with this discussion. I got my ideas across to BobCausedThis, and that's all I wanted to do.


                                                                                      And just so you know, I am well aware that the method of how the distilling process is handled in both versions works the same,  HOWEVER, try to design an ad with several transparency effects in ID CS5, make a postscript, and run it through Acrobat 5.0. WON'T WORK. It DOES NOT support the newer, fancier transparency effects. FACT.


                                                                                      Anyway, I'm done. And you've driven me away from wanting to answer any more people that need help with PM things IN THIS FORUM. I will send them a private message in the future and leave you out of it. Your attitude really annoys me... and is why I don't answer most days. Good job driving people away from what could be a very helpful forum. I recall a series of posts in the past where a few of you "community professionals" mentioned that no one that currently uses PM ever comes back to help others once they've been helped on here. I tried. Several times. Everytime you shoot my ideas down that I know work... for more than just me, because I've shared them with others in my field, and it works for them too. Good job, Bob. Buh bye.

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