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    Develop module & library module aren't matching


      When I am editing, my photos look how I want them to in the develop module, but when I switch over to the library they look different. Some photos it doesn't apply the clarity, highlights, noise reduction, or sharpening. I haven't had this problem up until a month or two ago. It used to be the same between the two modules and I no problems editing. Now it's a pain to edit because I have to switch to the Library to see what the image is really looking like, go back to develop to try and change it, but cant end up getting it to look how I want. Images look the same zoomed in, but not in normal view. I am on Windows, Lightroom 3.6. I have tried reupdating the software, downloading an older version. also updated my video driver, and nothing helped. trying to avoid reinstalling all of lightroom because I do not want to lose any previewly modified images.




      first one is the view from develop. you can tell its a lot more noisey.

      second picture is from the library. it's a lot more smooth.


      so basically my images aren't being shown correctly. I have looked through a lot of discussions on here and no one seems to have an answer...please help me! editing should be fun, not frustrating.

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          Jeffrey Tranberry Employee Hosts

          Are you looking at the images at actual pixels/100% zoom?

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            messycupcakess Community Member

            when I zoom into 1:1 the images look the same between the modules ( the correct way it is supposed to look, but with slight color differences ), when i switch the image to "fit" or "fill" is when it shows the differences



            1:1 view from library



            1:1 view from develop




            "fit" view from library



            "fit" view from develop.




            if you click on the images you can see the inconsistency. something isnt right here, i dont understand why the images arent the same between the modules regardless of what "view" or how zoomed in i am. I want my photos to look how they do when I am in develop, but when i export them, they are wrong and are showing what is appearing in the library

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              raldesign Community Member

              Has this been happening since you started using Lightroom, or is this new behavior?  I was wonderingif your video card / dispaly drivers have been updated recently or changed, but since you said the difference is also showing on export, something else is goin on.  I would suggest an uninstall & reinstall in case something has become corrupted in the rendering modules of the program, and make sure you are using the latest version (3.6)

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                messycupcakess Community Member

                it is a new behavior for sure.  I havent had this problem until about a month ago. I tried updating my video driver, adobe suggested that to me too. But it didnt help. Also, i tried reinstalling the update a couple times, so it is version 3.6. Someone said that this is just what lightroom does, but that doesnt make sense because I shouldnt have to switch modules to see every change I am making. If I uninstall and reinstall, what will I lose? I backup my Lightroom catalogs weekly. But if I reinstall will I be able to go back and see and work previously modified edits, watermarks, or will that all be gone?

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                  raldesign Community Member

                  All of the edits are associated with the catalogs & are saved there. As far as other settings, refer to this thread, wuoted in my reply



                  "First of all: Before you re-format your system backup your Catalog to an external hard drive.

                  Go to Edit > Catalog Settings > General tab and select "Every time LR exits".

                  Next time you close LR the backup dialog will pop up that lets you choose the backup location.


                  If you have User-generated Presets you will have to manually copy them to your external hard drive. You do this in your OS.

                  In Windows the Presets are by default in Documents & Settings > Application Data > Adobe > Lightroom.

                  Copy all these folders (via Edit > Copy to Folder) to your external hard drive.


                  After re-installing LR navigate to your backe-up catalog and double-click it. LR will then open with this catalog. Open Preferences > Presets > Show LR Presets Folder and note where this folder is. Then copy your Presets from your external hard drive back to this Presets folder.


                  As for the settings in Preferences you will have to manually re-set them; there is no way to save these.


                  BTW: It is always a good idea to back-up your Catalog when you exit LR.



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                    messycupcakess Community Member

                    ok, and what about like my flickr & facebook export albums, are they backed up with the catalogs too?

                    might have to give in and reinstall then....I just downloaded the lightroom trial on another computer and uploaded something to edit to see if the same thing happens...and it does, i am in develop and it isnt showing the correct noise reduction changes, and again, the image in the library looks different. why would this be? it this a bug in the 3.6 update or something?

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                      raldesign Community Member

                      Very strange indeed. I was just using the 3.6 update all day with a client project & everything was displaying fine from module to module...If I come across any further insight, I'll add it here. 

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                        messycupcakess Community Member

                        please do, it is making editing very frustrating and not fun to do. thank you for the help so far


                        I compared an image between library and develop, before I made any changes at all, and it shows them a bit different too

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                          ssprengel CommunityMVP

                          Noise-reduction isn’t necessarily applied to reduced-sized views in Develop, though sometimes it is.  Perhaps something is different about the recent images that LR has decided not show any NR for the reduced-size views.   LR4 changes this behavior so that NR is always applied to reduced-sized views. 




                          If you export an image at full-size and then view it outside of LR with an OS viewer or a browser, does the exported image look more like the Library view or the Develop view?




                          Before doing anything too drastic, it is possible that the hard-disk, or camera-raw cache, or previews database and cache is corrupted, so check your hard-drive for problems, purge the Camera RAW cache via the button on the File Handling tab in LR Preferences, and if neither of those things help, then with LR closed, rename the previews folder which is in the Catalog folder and is called catalog-name Previews.lrdata.

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                            messycupcakess Community Member

                            but either way, my images should look exactly the same between develop module & library, and they don't. no matter what kind of editing is done to them.

                            the exported image is looking like the one that shows up in the library.


                            i want to avoid reinstalling. what does "purge cache" do?

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                              ssprengel CommunityMVP

                              Saying something should be true does not make it true.  In LR, up through version 3, the reduced-sized views in Develop (mostly) don’t have noise-reduction applied and is why you see a yellow  exclamation point warning about needing to view things at 100% for the Detail settings to be previewed fully. 




                              It could very well be that nothing is wrong except your expectations, or it could be that something is corrupted and causing previews not to work right.




                              The Camera-RAW cache is where LR and Adobe Camera RAW store the demosaicked data (before any settings are applied) so the Adobe RAW engine (in either LR or ACR) doesn’t have to demosaic the RAW image every time a new preview is generated.   Demosaicking is the process of converting the one-color-per-pixel RAW data into 3-colors-per-pixel RGB data, onto which most of the adjustments are applied.




                              The Previews folder is where LR stores thumbnails and Library preview data that might also have become corrupted causing the reduced-sized views to not be right.  If it’s not outright disk corruption, the previews folder being corrupted would be next most probable.

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                                messycupcakess Community Member

                                I have never seen a yellow exclamtion point warning when doing any of that. my expectations are not wrong. I expect Lightroom to work how it should, showing identical images when I'm editing, regardless of what I am changing or module it's in. That's how it has always been. Ive used it long enough to know that something isnt right here. I have never had to switch between modules to find out what is going on with my image, that wouldnt make sense. What happens when I go to order prints of new shots I have now? They are going to come out complete wrong, because Lightroom wont show me the right thing. Something went corrupt in my program, because editing should be working at ease. what it comes down to is, my images should be EXACTLY  the same no matter where I go in the program, and they arent. how do i tell if those folders are corrupt? when I go look at old pictures that have already been worked on, it shows a difference between modules too.


                                here is a perfect example:


                                an image i messed around with, here is it "fill" in the develop, i cranked up the contrast, and clarity is at 100%, added sharpening. looks good.




                                switched over to library. and it looks COMPLETEY different, really blurry, not sharp at all. blacks arent as dark as the other module.






                                it should be exactly the same when i switch from develop to library and not change at all. i have tried to reinstall the update and do "repair" when it asks if i want to uninstall or repair. says it is supposed to find corrupt files and fix the,  but problem is still there

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                                  messycupcakess Community Member

                                  i downloaded the LR4 beta, seems to have fixed the noise reduction problem not showing right. still slight diffrences on between the modules with other features...hmmm

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                                    CSS Simon Community Member

                                    As ssprengel says, for noise and sharpening the library and develop views are not necessarily the same in LR3.  As I recall, at low ISO, noise reduction isn't applied in develop module except at 100% view.  The reason: to save processing.  The library preview is created and cached, but the develop view must be rendered each time.  The logic is that generally noise is not very visible except at 100% view. 


                                    Another difference: library module renders Adobe RGB (previews are stored in 8-bit Adobe RGB) whereas develop module uses ProPhoto RGB.  Obviously this has no visible effect on the display unless there's something wrong with the monitor profile. 

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                                      messycupcakess Community Member

                                      right, but ever since I have gotten lightroom, I have always been able to see noise reduction changes immediately when i adjust them, no matter what view i am in. If i am in fit then i can see the over all picture change instantly. looks like it just isnt applying it correctly, because its not showing at all in develop and then when i go to library, it's too much. so im not sure what is going on, seems like something it out of sync, because I downloaded LR4 beta to see if anything was different, and as soon as I did adjustments on noise reduction, i could see it right away, without switching modules.

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                                        messycupcakess Community Member

                                        ok after 3 days of non stop working on this LR prob, I think I finally fixed it. Had to reinstall a lower version, 3.5, and after I did that everything seems to be working right again, color adjustments are being made as soon as I change them, still variation between the two modules, but it is now exporting the correct file instead of the wrong one. noise reduction is working at any view. seems faster too. cleared out 1,000+ raw files. thanks for all your input

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                                          tgbyrne716 Community Member

                                          I have just come across this problem in LR 5.7. The images in Library and Develop do not match. I have posted screen shots from these images below.

                                          First is the image as it appears in Library and second is how it looks in Develop. I have cleared the caches and deleted the preview file and not much help. At first it did seem to render and image in Library similar to Develop then something happened and it went back to the Library image that you see here.  The Library version is also what is exported as JPG. Thanks in advance for your help. - Tom

                                          Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.03.04 PM.png

                                          Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.02.48 PM.png

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                                            mnashp Community Member

                                            also just recently encountered the same problem with LR 5.7. Too bad it exports the Library version, which is never what i have developed. I'm a heavy user, but just started noticing this a couple weeks ago. It seems possibly related to virtual copies, so i'm wondering if i'm not handling them wrong. I'm thinking i should maybe not be working on the virtuals, just using them as snapshots. I'll try to rule that out and report back. I might forget or get lost too, so ding me ;-)