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    Lightroom 3 won't open...


      My computer recently had to be rebooted and partially rebuilt due to a virus. When all was fixed, we couldn't get Lightroom 3 to open when we clicked on the icon. We just receive the error message, "Adobe Lightroom has encountered a problem and needs to close." We tried to reinstall the program on the computer, but still receive the same message. Any ideas how to open it up?

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          b_gossweiler Level 5

          I suggest resetting your LR preferences file as explained here.



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            DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

            Lightroom by default creates a Catalog file in your User(name)> My Pictures > Lightroom (sub-folder)>.

            When Lightroom is open it will create a .lock file alongside the catalog file to ensure there is no other unauthorised use of the Catalog. When Lightroom is closed normally the .lock file is deleted, however if it is not closed normally the .lock will remain in place and prevent LR from being accessed . See the attached file.Image00051.jpg


            Check your my pictures>lightroom folder and see if there is a .lock file present, if so delete the file and then try restarting Lightroom. If this is not the problem then provide some additional info and I am sure you will get your problem sorted.

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              Gisele Bedard

              Hello,I once tried a trial version of Lightroom and decided to buy lightroom 3.I've search on forums and even chat with Adobe with no answer to my problem.I download the program and it's working fine on my boyfriend's side.(We are two adminstraters on my computer)When I clic to open lightroom a window appears "Lightroom-ouverture de cataloque:DSC_0738.NEF.lrcat" and I have another window at the same time from microsoft ..error...The letters and numbers I have are..





              Then the program closed...I found the .lrcat file,double clic and LR still doesn't open.I saw on a french forum that I have to rename the cataloq but I still don't know how to do that.I started using a computer only five years ago and I'm not very good but I love photography and I'm sure lightroom would be fun for me.

              I spend hours trying to figure it out and I don't know what to do ...I saw an answer on the forum of Adobe saying to click on the control button and open the program at the same time ...didn't work....

              Is it possible that when I had the trial version I've created a catalog and this catalog(that no longer exists)gets in the new program so I can't open it anymore....I don't know what to do anymore...please can someone help me...thank you           Gisele

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                Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                The problem is that when you originally tried to create a new catalog, when Lightroom asked you to specify the FOLDER name for the new catalog you have inadvertently clicked on an existing picture file (DSC_0738.NEF).....and this causes great confusion for Lightroom as you have discovered.


                The very simple workaround is to delete your Preferences file and then Lightroom should open correctly. See the second post in this thread from Beat Gossweiler, he provides a link to a post I created at the Lightroom Forums which explains how to reset your Preferences file. That should get you going, but just be careful you don't make the same mistake.

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                  Gisele Bedard Level 1

                  Hello Jim,sorry but I still don't understand.I read the article(link above)before writing at first and I did a research for the word preferences...every file on preferences of Adobe(ps5,ps element5,illustrater...etc) was there but the lightroom folder didn't show.I've manualy looked up in the lightroom folder but didn't see the preferences file.I've been searching for so long now to resolve that problem...and french being my first language I sometimes feel so unexperienced and lost...I will keep searching for that file....if you have any idea where I could find it!!!   thank you ...Gisele Bedard

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                    Gisele Bedard Level 1

                    Hello Jim...yesssssssssssssssss I finaly found the file under my administrator name ...how can I thank you...thank you for everything and as you said I just hope I won't do the same mistake again.... thank you sooooooooo very much...Gisele


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                      Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                      Glad to hear that. Has Lightroom now started OK?

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                        Gisele Bedard Level 1

                        Everything is fine but I think I will need a few tutorials before starting... :)))  so many things to learn...thanks again Jim

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                          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                          Good to hear. As regards learning, why not head over to Adobe.TV, plenty of great (and free) video tutorials to get you started. If you need a good book I can certainly recommend Victoria Bampton's "Lightroom - The Missing FAQ"..

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                            Gisele Bedard Level 1

                            Sounds great,I will try that Adobe TV and have a look at that book....have a good week...thanks again Gisele ..