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    Problem with Flash on Youtube


      Hi everybody,


      i'm italian, so sorry for my bad english.


      My system is Windows 7 64bit. Browser Firefox 10.1 , Flash Player plug in


      I have a hard question.


      Look at this pics:


      https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzXyQEhp-88lODc1Y2Q3NGItN2FmMy00MGZjLT gzYmYtNjdlNTliYTFkZDhj/edit


      How you can see, when i activate flash plug in the youtube bar (and the video) looks... "pixeled" (or zoomed??)... (pic on top)

      but when i deactivate flash plug-in the bar and video look good (pic on bottom). So i can watch video with HTML5.


      I could not solve this problem in any way. I disabled the option "hardware acceleration" but it did not do anything.

      The problem occurs even when using different browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I have updated all drivers on my computer,

      even the operating system. But it did not solve anything!


      I updated my graphic card with newest drivers (HD Radeon 6770M) but it did not solve anything!


      If I watch a video on Vimeo I can see them well. So the problem is only on youtube.


      How can I fix it?


      please help me