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    Photoshop Elements 10 Make dull skys blue quick option


      I have just moved from 5 to 10.

      There is an option when you have quick edit selected to make dull skys blue.


      It worked for a few pictures and then it stopped working, but now I think it is working I just didnt understand it. Its possible I dont understand how it works. ( by the way I dont know all the terms I will try to be as descriptive as possible)


      When I choose a sky that is all white, with the quick option. I see the marching ants. When I go to the full edit I can see a layer called Blue Skys1, But the sky does not look blue at all. Absolutly no change.


      The sky does not change at all. If I choose Color Burn to normal it does blue the sky some what.


      However If I take a picture that has a little blue and then use the quick option it does indeed make the sky bluer. I saw some note somewhere that the tool makes faint blue sky bluer. Im wondering if basically its working by design. eg if there is no blue sky but white haze then it cant enhance white to blue. Does anyone know if this is true.