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    Why do files exported with H264 randomly slip out of sync.


      I am currently in the middle of exporting 34 individual videos/sequences.


      I am using the H264 codec. Some of them are in sync and some seem to have the audio lagging roughly a frame behind. The videos are of musical instrument demonstrations so there is no margin for error. It seems totally random as to whether they come out of Adobe Media Encoder in sync or out of sync. I have to export each one and then if it's incorrect I have to manually drag the audio a frame forward on the timeline and outout an 'out of sync' timeline in order to get an 'in sync' video! Needless to say, all of the audio is perfectly in sync on the timeline. Plenty of the them are fine and I'm not changing the settings, so it must be some kind of inconsistency with the encoding.


      Why is this always such a problem with Adobe Premiere? Even in the past it's been really difficult to get acceptable quality videos out of the software package.


      If anyone can offer a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated!