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    'End Action' not working in Hardware player when chapter skipping. Suggestions?

    aburger003 Level 1

      Hey all. I am building a 2 disc BD set of my old band and have everything built using Encore CS5. The majority of functionality is working correctly however, I have a couple nagging issues that I can't seem to figure out. I am getting different results when simulating in Encore and testing on a hardware player (Panasonic BDT210, and PS3).


      - The first disc has 10 buttons on a single menu page. The second disc has 1 menu page with 3 sub pages (4 total). Each button plays a different clip. At the end of media (End Action), it is supposed to return to the main menu with the button highlighted. Here's the kicker: When simulating in Encore, each clip plays through and returns to the main menu correctly, whether playing through, or chapter skipping through to the end. However, when playing back on a hardware player, all clips return correctly when playing through. But 3 out of the 10 clips on disc 1, and 2 out of the 7 clips on disc 2 will NOT return when trying to chapter skip out. I keep getting a player error stating "this option is not allowed" and you have to watch the remainder of the clip to the end, or Top Menu out. In each of the 5 clips, all chapters work but you can't skip out.


      It doesn't seem to be a problem with the amount of chapters because some only have one, and some have up to 8. I double checked the "End Action" settings for every clip and they are set correctly. Plus everything works in Encore but not on disc. Why is there a problem with some clips and not others? They are all encoded the same.


      Any help for this would be great. I work in the industry and it's frustrating when you can't figure out something simple like this. Thanks.