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    How to let users retake a Quiz?

    vcantera1 Level 1

      I'm creating a game with several different Question pools.  The intention is to have the user return to the begining if they miss a question, but have them see a completely different combination of questions.


      Is there a way to have a user return to a question pool slide and get a different question from that same pool?


      If so, is there a way to have Captivate report both questions to LMS?


      Is there a widget that can help me accomplish this?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Your first question: no, if you do not leave the project he will get the same question slide when retaking. This solves also the second question, since it will be a new session, it depends on your LMS if both sessions can be reported.


          AFAIK there is no widget with this goal, and really doubt it could be done with a widget.



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            vcantera1 Level 1

            Thank you.  It helps me to know these limitations.


            I'll play around and create two versions of the game, both with question pools.  The first one will contain the intro graphics of the game and all the questions, and the second will begin on question 1.  If they miss a question on the first presentation, I'll link them to the second in the same Window.  I'm just wondering if I can keep re-linking between them back and forth, and if it'll reset the question pools, since technically you are reopening it.


            Thanks for the help.