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    Problem on Web Adobe Reader and Adobe Reader Web(firefox and Internet Explorer)

    Jerry Cycle

      Hello, my girlfriend's computer have been get into a serious problem on adobe reader.

      after she install the lastest version of adobe reader, when she open any of the pdf file,

      the pdf will hang down(crash) and all of the word in the pdf is blank, and also can't see any selection on the top of left hand side(File, Edit, View, windows, help, Print.. all of that).

      and that problem also same as adobe reader web,

      cant see, blank, hang down(crash), i have try to uninstall it and install again, but the problem still not solve, so i need helps form you kind guys, thanks a lot.


      Her Computer System is Window 7(i remember is home premium)

      dual core, 4g ram, and any thing you need i provide please tell me..thanks.