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    Has anyone got embedded fonts in SVG to work on Mac OS X Lion?


      I have used CS3, CS4 suite versions of illustrator on Snow leopard, and embedding fonts worked correctly,

      but on several computers at work here, none of the CS5 or CS5.5 suite versions of illustrator embed fonts in SVG format on Lion.


      I have also tried CS4 on Lion and still does not work...


      Saving as SVG without fonts works fine,

      Saving with fonts shows error message and no fonts are ever brought over.



      This shows brand new ai file with a text box and three letters in standard font:




      This shows saving as SVG to documents folder  (does not matter where saving to, issue still exists):




      This shows the SVG options (Note font is SVG, subsetting is common english and glyphs used.)




      Error message:



      Does not matter how many fonts are attempted to be embedded, no fonts (with glyphs translation) ever show up on the svg file.






      Any suggestions?


      Other than


      reinstall lion completely, then reinstall CS5 then CS5.5(DONE, does not work)

      reinstall lion completely, then reinstall CS5.5 only(DONE, does not work)