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    Render Quality (w.r.t. Exporter's video src)

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      can you explain the backend consequence of the different Render Qualities:



      ** Render qualities


      typedef enum


      kPrRenderQuality_Max = 4,

      kPrRenderQuality_High = 3,

      kPrRenderQuality_Medium = 2,

      kPrRenderQuality_Low = 1,

      kPrRenderQuality_Draft = 0,

      kPrRenderQuality_ForceEnumSize = kPrForceEnumToIntValue

      } PrRenderQuality;


      And how orthogonal it is to the PixelType requested?


      For example, one would assume that Draft mode should work as fast as possible by using the YUVA_8u PixelFormat whereas MAX mode would work in YUVA_32f and thus YUVA_32f PixelFormat should be requested in the supported PixelFormat type supported by the Exporter.

      Always asking for YUVA_32f is a waste of processing time so that shouldn't be at the top of the supported PixelFormat list unless you really want it at max bit depth.


      As an example - the shipped "h.264" exporter has a "Render at Max Depth" button. What RenderQuality does it set and what PixelFormat does it put in the list - and in which order - when enabled and disabled?