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    Air Help topic navigation links broken

    creswriter Level 1

      I've logged this as a bug, but was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem.


      When generating the "Air Help and Browser Based Help" output format (and uploading the browser files to the web server and installing the AirHelp application), the navigation links that appear above the help window and below the search bar/navigation buttons are broken. The example below shows the uni-pane template, but the problem occurs with all templates.


      Upon clicking the first or second topic link (in the red circled area), this displays "The page cannot be found" and the navigation links themselves disappear.



      I noticed that the problem only exists when the topics in the Project Manager are organized into subfolders. If all the topics in the Project Manager reside in the top-level folder, the links navigate properly. Also, the links are only clickable when in online mode, not in local mode. I've been unable to either disable the navigation links entirely, or make them un-clickable in online mode.


      I'm running RH9, Windows 7 (64-bit).


      Any help would be appreciated.