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    VC3 Not Starting?? - How to fix Win 7 64Bit


      I had problems with this but was able to figure it out..


      Please Like or Thank if it works.. x)


      VC3 seems to have been made for older windows plataforms.

      There is a property on Windows 7 that allows you to "attempt" to run this by Turning OFF DEP.


      It is most likely that this will fix your problem.  How is it that you turn OFF DEP?




      Righ Click "My Computer"


      Click Properties


      Left Hand Panel you will have a option that says: "Advanced System Settings"  - Click it


      System Properties will open up - Make sure that you are under the "Advanced" tab


      First Option will be "Performance Settings"  - Click it


      Click the "Data Execution Prevention" tab


      Choose the Second Option " Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select"


      Click "Add"   


      Browse To: C:\Program Files\ Adobe\ Visual Comunicator 3\ Bin\VisualComnicator3.exe    -- Choose the EXE File


      If 64 Bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\ Adobe\ Visual Comunicator 3\ Bin\ VisualComunicator3.exe -- Choose the EXE File


      Make Sure to add both AlphaCG.exe and Visual Communicator.exe to your list


      Click apply -- if it was the firs time you've used this setting make sure to restart the computer before attempting to start VC3.


      You should be able to run VC3 with no problems..


      Why this happens?? usually you need to use this feature of microsoft when running a program with a old engine. Probably Adobe build VC3 around their old engine. As long as it works you should be happy!!


      Don't forget to thanks if it works!!!!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          xXJP.entXx wrote:


          ...Why this happens?? usually you need to use this feature of microsoft when running a program with a old engine. Probably Adobe build VC3 around their old engine...


          Unfortunately Adobe acquired the company that created Visual Communicator (Serious Magic) and used other components the company had and left Visual Communicator to gather dust and die. Adobe never did anything to build anything in VC to my knowledge. If something was built around the "old engine", it was likely Serious Magic that did it. It's also worth noting that Visual Communicator was around long before Windows 7 was a twinkle in Microsoft's eye.


          Cheers... Rick

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            I'll try this and let you know.

            Thanks for suggesting something.


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              MaxTeller Level 1

              Hi xXJP.entXx,


              I tried your fix as indicated above and I still get my error messages telling me that VC3 can't determine my video card settings and that I need to be sure they are set as indicated in the error message (which they are).  See the error window screen prints below and then my setting screen prints.





              My display setting screen prints:

              2011-06-07_Adobe Visual Communicator Install Error Message 1.jpg

              2011-06-07_Adobe Visual Communicator Install Error Message 2.jpg


              I have even tried setting the screen size to be the 4:3 format with 32 or 16 bit true color and it doesn't seem to make a difference.


              Any other sugggestions/fixes would be appreciated.


              I was planning on showcasing this software tomorrow at the Niagara Falls Public Library to their Teen Librarian Coordinator who is looking to set up a video program for teens.  At the present, I have nothing similar to VC3 to demo, but I do have working software for Windows Live Movie Maker, Avid Studios, Roxio Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.  I'm finding the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is a bit more complex than the other software mentinoed and its cost may make it out of reach for the library's pilot program.


              I sure wish Adobe would take some of the money from their record last quarter profits and get this VC3 updated to VC4 so that it will work with newer USB camera connections, wide-screen monitors and if possible, HD (although not really necessary)!




              If anyone has any other suggestions, please post ASAP!  Tomorrow is coming quickly and I'd love to showcase VC3 as I believe it will be the best fit for their pilot program!





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                MaxTeller Level 1

                I have also tried to run VC3 in XP SP3 Compatability Mode with no success.

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                  MaxTeller Level 1

                  Today, I tried to get my old HP up and running and it sounds like the hard drive has crashed (lovtely).


                  I tried to run VC3 with an external Dell monitor connected and the local notebook display turned off and I still get the error message.


                  I tried to install and run VC3 on MS Virtual Machine XP, but the VM won't let me change the resolution of the screen in XP mode and the last digits are just under 764 or whatever and it suggest I change it but then ends the load of VC3 as it wants me to change the display to over 1023x768.


                  I've tried just about every combination of 16 and 32 bit true color settings as well as resolutions.


                  I even uninstalled the software I had on the machine and downloaded the same build number (.32290) and installed it along with the additional content and still no luck.


                  I have no idea why VC3 is trying to bother checking my video card and if it can't detect what type is it, it should allow me to try and load the software anyway.


                  Is there any way to get around this video card check?  Can I edit a .dll or other file to do so?  Any help would be appreciated.


                  I'm looking around for another computer I can use to do the demo tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'm going to be successful in finding a notebook that's going to work.





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                    I haven't found a way to get VC3 to work in XP 64-bit edition.

                    It's not just a VC3 issue.There is a lot of programs I tried that don't work in XP 64-bit edition.

                    Especially when it comes to video editing.

                    Sorry, I couldn't be more help.

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                      I had same problem with Windows 7 and my video card.  I had a Geforce 550ti video card and I had updated windows 7 64bit drivers.  These are not compatible with VC3 and the only way my computer would run VC3 is to make sure I ran it in xp mode and I used the "onboard" video for my monitor.  I had called both Nvidia and Adobe and found that the driver incompatibility were not fixable at this time.


                      Hope this helps you.  


                      I have a problem maybe someone has run across.  When I try to record my teleprompter gets stuck and then sometimes scrolls and sometimes stops.  I can't record.  I tried different camera, defrag, different computer and still getting same issue.  I have done 1275 30 minute shows in 5 years and now can't do even one.


                      Hope someone can help me.  Adobe can't.  Too bad they just bought out Serious Magic to deep six this great program.