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    Update to iPad Publishing Companion Guide

    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

      A new version of the iPad Publishing Companion Guide PDF is now available on the DPS Dashboard (https://digitalpublishing.acrobat.com). The link to download the Companion Guide is available in the "Additional Resources" section on the Dashboard. This version includes more detailed information about subscriptions and Newsstand and updates to reflect changes to the workflow.


      Whenever you're getting ready to use Viewer Builder to create a new app or make a major revision to an existing app, it's a good idea to download the most recent version of the Companion Guide PDF. Keep in mind that this PDF is called a "Companion Guide" for a reason. When you're using the Apple iOS Provisioning Portal to create App IDs and certificates, watch the videos and use the Apple help links. When you're using iTunes Connect to manage your application and set up in-app purchases and subscriptions, use the iTunes Connect Developer Guide (https://itunesconnect.apple.com/docs/iTunesConnect_DeveloperGuide.pdf) along with the Companion Guide.