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    RTMP with HLS delays


      Sorry if this is a basic question, but I am not finding anything that explains what I am looking for clearly.


      Currently, we are streaming using RTMP, but I want to switch to HLS to allow iOS devices to stream our video.  I do not want to encode two separate streams though because we are operating with limited bandwidth on mobile data cards.  If I stream using the livepkgr, the delay to iOS devices is about 12 seconds which is OK.  However, on desktop clients, we have live scoring integrated with our video, so we cannot have a delay that long. My question is, if I connect to the same stream in a Flash client for the desktop, will the delay still be that long? Or will it stream in real time to flash clients with the delay only for iOS devices using HLS?  Also, am I correct in assuming that I can do this on 1 stream, or do I need to setup a separate stream for RTMP and HLS?

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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          Yes you can do with single stream - for RMTP subscribe to live stream and for HLS - subscribe to f4f recording via HLS module which will deliver in streams compatible to iOS. RTMP delay would be minimal compared to iOS delay. I am assuming you plan to use RTMP for flash clients and not HDS