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    Best way to stabilize several dozen clips in a Premiere sequence?

    Enver Pex

      The Warp Stabilizer feature in AE is nice in that it helps if you have one clip to stabilize.


      However, I keep finding that I have dozens of clips to stabilize. Take an average home video tape, cut it up into clips, and you have yourself between 15 and 100 clips in Premiere. Most of them now need the following actions applied:


      - Replace with AE composition

      - Wait for AE to load

      - Add Stabilize Motion effect

      - Wait for the analysis to complete (can take 5 minutes to an hour)

      - Save and close


      Needless to say, doing this for 100 clips is very impractical. The worst part is waiting for analysis to complete: if I don't, then Premiere simply shows a blue band with "Click Analyze to begin stabilization" across the frame, but of course that button is in AE. Can I get Premiere to kick off these Analyses and leave it working overnight, or does it require my attention every time one clip is finished? If I just leave it alone and pick "Render entire work area", the blue band with the message is "burned in", instead of forcing AE to do the work.


      Is there anything else that can be done to make this process less time-consuming? Doing everything in AE is not an option because the rest of the work is traditional editing of these clips. I'd love to script replacing each clip with an AE composition, and especially force the analysis phase in batch mode, but Premiere CS5.5 doesn't seem to support that.