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    Adobe has the worst support ever!


      I purchased CS5 in April 2011. I received an email saying I could get a free upgrade to CS5.5 when it was released. I got busy and forgot about it. I just tried to redeem the offer and was denied. They claimed the "offer had expired". I looked over the email, and website, no expiration dates are posted. I talked with a chat support person who told me that same thing. I was transfered to his supervisor and was told the same thing, yet again. When I asked to see a written expiration date, the only answer I got was told "I am sorry, even the redemption period is internal information which cannot be disclosed". Internal information? Really?


      This is very simple Adobe. You offered a free upgrade. You didn't mention an expiration date on your offer. Keep your word and keep a customer happy.


      Adobe, what's your answer?


      p.s. when "adobe_customer_service_sucks" is an auto-pupulated tag below, you should really rethink your strategy.