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    Placing an anchor with respective character style

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      Hi all,


      Write now i am going to start one new book. In that book, lot of marginal elements are coming in the end of each chapter. That Marginal Notes Paragraph style (Green color") fix with their respective Key Terms (KT or Magenta color) with the object style (Side Box Style) and library name is MN Box . For your information i am showing the Marginal Notes Paragraph style in the end of page. But it comes in the end of chapter only.


      For any clarification i attached the sample page of that book layout.


      Please give your hand to solve this issues.


      Thanks in advance....


      Screenshot was not attached in the earlier post. So send it again.

      Sorry for the trouble.


      Screen Shot 2012-02-29 at 10.17.47 PM.png